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The Re600 will be in the hands of the next member of the list (zida) tomorrow.
I am actually not sure what the going rate for the golds are hence I am up for offers on price, the 250 was merely a place holder.
I am putting a pair of Monster turbine pro golds with control talk up for sale/trade. I do not have a camera available but I will provide the proof that these are genuine.   I am open to trades and offers on the price.
Thanks to James and Inks for organizing the tour!
Good times and a pretty good turn out to the meet, thanks Jeff for organizing (hope you were close to breaking even on the donations).   Although we were missing the nice scotch and a certain russian (pavel...) but good times to be had by all.
Hah if they do, I will buy you that beyer t1 you wanted 2 meets ago...
I would normally suggest that if people are interested, after the meet we head to a local bar and watch our local hockey team get their asses kicked, but as I found out yesterday, space might be hard to find.
Also if anyone at this meet has the monster pro golds...please let me know...
Where is racoon when you need him...I think the count was 3 HD800s last time we checked, and he uses 1 for portable use...
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