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Interested in coming...feel kind of embarassed by my gear   Willing to bring some higher end IEMS (MTPG, HJE900) and if needed I have a pair of modded ES7s and HD555.
I have a pair of vbs I got from joker about 3 months ago, they look as new and have had sufficient use on them (can only guess the total hours).   Willing to let them go for $65 including shipping or swap for a pair of re0s or ETY MC5. If you have something else to trade shoot me a pm.
I would be in as well for the 21st. Would this be in the same place as the one that happened early october?
I won both of these and the main criteria you were looking at was looks...well you don't want the XBs, they look really stupid on your head. In terms of sound the XBs provide bass...and more bass, I really can't find a reason to like them for my own taste.   The HD555s on the other hand are more balanced and enjoyable to listen to and in my opinion a little more comfortable then the xb700s.   I would think the safest bet would be the HD555s but if you want bass...
I ordered the HJE900 2 weeks ago and should get them shortly. I have essentially the same musical tastes as you (muse and radiohead being my major bands I listen to), so I will let you know if they do that type of music justice to my ears.
Ah, thats a shame, was looking forward to this. Have fun guys!
I would love to come (barring if I can hitch a ride with one of you from any subway stop in the GTA). I can bring my HD555, hippo vb, ES7, sr80. Unfortunately i would bring my westone 2 but they will be shipped out to joker by then, prehaps the HJE900 will arrive by that date.
I am in...I just probably need to carpool with someone.
Hi guys,   Been a member of head-fi for awhile now and would be interested in one of these meets, I would offer up my appartment for this (yonge and carlton) but unfortunately it is only 350 square feet and has a severe lack of chairs.
For the price you pay, the DBA is most likely the better deal for the SQ, Joker should be along shortly since he has heard both.
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