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I think Joker and average_joe will be getting the first impressions for the work of kozee, then a whole bunch of us (including me) will be getting X1s in the coming weeks.
I'm also in for another   MTPG HJE900 PFE Perfect Bass
Interesting,   So the 'standard' package for the X1 is made of silicone and has a fixed cord, the executive option (+$50) has the 'different' material (assume acrylic), better driver, and detachable cord...wonder if the extra 50 would be worth it.
I am looking to swap my HJE900 for a pair of TF10s from the amazon deal.   The HJE900s have less than 50 hours on them and are in perfect condition.   I am not looking to sell these.
In general there are two things you can do.   1) Risk losing the package (Canada post has been reliable for me and hasn't lost anything yet) and mark customs as gift for under $20 to avoid fees (note you cannot insure this).   2) Insure the total price and the buyer gets knocked with custom fees.   Ask the buyer what they want, either to risk losing it but save money (1), or to play it safe and pay ~$50 in taxes (2)
Hi Orange1,   I would just like to comment on the shipping to Canada part (I already own a pair of HJE900s), the shipping is not much more then to the USA, if I recall correctly it should be under 10 dollars (you can always split the shipping). Paypal is simple, just ask the buyer to pay you in US dollars and either +3% or as a gift for the paypal fees.   Don't want us Canadians missing out on this ;)   Good luck!
My mistake, must have been a personal communication.
  Isn't the UE600 just a rebranded superfi 5 (which has been reviewed by joker)?  
Micced headsets designed for the iphones don't work on the galaxy s line of smart phones...samsung choose to reverse one of the poles so that when you plug it in, while there is still sound, it is not connected properly, so you get a hollow sound. In terms of actual mic function...I hope someone else can shed light on that.
Thanks for doing this Rawster!
New Posts  All Forums: