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  Isn't the UE600 just a rebranded superfi 5 (which has been reviewed by joker)?  
Micced headsets designed for the iphones don't work on the galaxy s line of smart phones...samsung choose to reverse one of the poles so that when you plug it in, while there is still sound, it is not connected properly, so you get a hollow sound. In terms of actual mic function...I hope someone else can shed light on that.
Thanks for doing this Rawster!
I'm in...$10. My vote is for the JH13
I have both....and I would say based on your criteria yes. I currently love the sound of the golds, they are laidback compared to the HJE900s and sound really nice with rock music...for my ears atleast. They area bit bigger then the 900s but isolate really well. The 900s I have always had ergonomic issues with them, they don't fit too well and with stock tips they don't isolated at all (both problems fixed by using complies).
Ok this is the link to the album, if anyone wants control of the account just let me know.   If you would like me to post the pictures individually on this thread let me know.   http://s1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa375/headfitoronto/#!cpZZ2QQtppZZ20
Ah this is annoying, work has been kicking my ass since sunday morning to today as well, I will hopefully upload it to some image hosting website (photobucket) and send it to charliex...
First I would like to thank Pavel for organizing it, it was smooth and without any major hickups.   Coming from IEMs, the whole amplification and full sized headphones was quite the learning experience. My wallet might be a lot lighter in the near future because of this meet. I look forward to the next one.   The pics will be coming shortly...by tomorrow probably.
Not a problem, if someone wants to hear their music or something just bring a usb key with the files and ill add it to my computer.
Ah, my mistake, didn't see that you wanted something different rather than similar in sound. I think your assumption is right where the MTPG and IE8s share a similar type of sound. I have limited experience with BAs and they are not for me so I cannot recommend anything there. Might want to look at the MTPCs since they are somewhat different from the golds ;)
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