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I like how they kept the design...but are those vents? or are they purely cosmetic?...
Yes, the meet will be a 3 min walk from a subway station.
Actually if you don't sell your SM3 by then, wouldn't mind trying them out 
I think Silence should be the first one to get the 1964Ds, I think they are almost to might want to PM him to find out.
The driver is a single balanced armature, so the sound will be much different from what you are used to with the CX500s (never heard the goldrings). In general single balanced armatures have trouble reproducing the whole spectrum and therefore don't have the bass people are usually looking for and the highs are rolled off. The only exception I have found to that of course is the phonak PFE and since the X1 costs as much as the PFE...
You know sennheisser's product line is too large when no one can guess the right phone 
Might as well join in for the fun :)   Sony: XZ700, v6 Sennheiser: PX100-II, HD280 AT: FC700, SQ5 Ultrasone: 15G, 650 Philips: The Stretch Pioneer: MJ5 AKG: Q460
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Jack, it has been very informative.
Jack,   I am wondering if you could comment on some people saying that silicone loses shape over time and if this would actually be significant.
I am also interested in this as well...unfortunately don't think it has been documented that thoroughly.
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