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Bah can make time..:D   The only issue with the summer is all the people that are from out of town that go to one of the universities downtown will not be its always a lose lose situation in terms of timing and we have found that the easiest way to organize this is just find a range of dates that someone can book a room and book the date the most people can make.
It has not happened yet. Unfortunately Pavel (Fallenangel) has been pretty busy, however this does not preclude someone else organizing this meet if they have the time and energy to do so.
ahhh, you were the one who beat me to them! :)
Interesting, it might indeed be the music that we listen to, but I find they have ample bass but lack highs... was the great deal that you scored for the RC version? 
I didn't think you liked the um2s when you tried them last meet!
Our fearless russian leader has been pretty busy as of late I think. Expect a reply from him in a week or so...if not we can harass him...we know where he lives...
Yes, you don't have to bring gear, but it is usually nice to bring something, you never know when someone might be interested in it.   I will bring my usual budget-fi setup + IEMs.   HE300 + millet hybrid tube amp + fiio e10 DAC Westome um2, phonak PFE022, sennheiser momentum, JVC FXT90, UE600....Zida should be bringing everything else that is more expensive versions of what i just listed :p
the day sounds good to me!
You do know that the heat is for a purpose right? To take the minds off the giant dent in our wallets that happens from trying other peoples gear...
I am in for attending a meet.
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