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 Ouch, sorry to hear that Brian. This would be a good situation to bring out a nice bottle of scotch, sadly I do not own any of those as of yet.
March 14 or 21 is good for me....not the 28th though.
Sorry to hear that, thanks for the attempt!
 Thanks, however it appears there might be something else happening for me, I will let you know closer to the date (say friday) if I can join. I very much appreciate the car pool offer however.
 I think I am just an idiot and misread/did not read.....if its ok with you we can arrange closer to the day of the meet.
I swear I hit the quote button! :)   I am sadly limited by the subway as to not make the commute too long....The closest to the 404 is the fairview mall which is a bit south of highway 7 and I think the further north the subway goes is where Pavel lives at Finch. I will try to see if anyone else is going and see if I can get the jolly Russian to join us.
I would love to join, but would need someone to carpool from around the subway. Don't think I can reach highway 7 sadly.
If someone would have a car near the GTA I would not mind going....
Great meet as always Pavel.   @MickeyVee I apologize for waking you up, but only allowed you to try the UM2s :P   Only thing I am disappointed with is I did not have any highland park to bring back home! Oh well...someone suggested the 10 year old is almost as good...
I am so glad I am not missing this meet...not sure if I should even bring my highland park 12 year old anymore...
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