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Great meet Paul and thanks for the pictures Jeff (I expect Fuji gear from you next time)!   I have to say, this was probably the most impressive gear collection I have seen at any recent head-fi meet, I am very appreciative for everyone for bringing their beloved headphones and amps!   Was impressed by the ER4PXR, although my ears still hurt 2 days after.   I enjoyed the meet and look forward to the next one! Note I fully expect a snowflake on your wrist next time I...
Awesome, count me in! I live almost right around the corner. I can offer some parking spaces if yours fill up!
^ I call shotgun!...
Once again, enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones! Awesome meet as always Pavel, where the Pavel Juicetm worked its charm as always!
You sir, are a monster...
only 24MP? pfft..... Once again thanks to Pavel for hosting a great meat as always, always nice to see old and new faces.
I am curious if anyone has a Schiit modi 2 uber as their DAC for their setup (or something equivalent price wise), looking to replace my fiio e10 as the DAC that feeds into my amp.
Sorry to hear that Pavel,   Would it make sense for everyone to pitch in say $10 for the room booking?
Bring your m43 gear!
Me and a couple of others are usually the IEM people. I have the following:   Westone W40 Westone UM3x Westone UM2 Vsonic AN16 (ie Gr07)
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