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Ya thats kind of my impressions with the HE1k as well, it shares the similar 'fun' sound signature as the HE400i, it just does everything...better
As always, it is a blast coming to meets at Pavels place, remind me to actually donate some money next time for I feel the silent auctions didn't quite work out today sadly. Anyways onwards to pictures, you will note a lot of people with the HE1000....I believe everyone owes Jerg a thanks for bringing them in!     Greyhorse's Bottlehead and HD650 setup before it got punted onto the floor...   Different perspective of the Jecklin float pictures (for double the...
Actually haven't heard any of the Aurisonic IEMs, would not mind giving them a go.
I think I am the self appointed IEM guy of these meets, me and my friend Zida have a large amount of IEMs we have managed to somehow mass over the years, if there's something you are looking for specifically we can work something out. Specifically I have a cheap vsonic IEM I am looking to get rid of if you are interested (I can't speak for Zida as of yet).
Sounds good!
No confirmation from Pavel so assume its postponed for sometime in the near future.
Ya, I have a feeling this will get pushed back to may/june based on Pavel's work load/vacation
I think the cost for renting a condo party room is much less on a sunday then it is on a saturday...hence the traditional sunday meets
Whatever you say boss...
I agree with Spyro, the w40 is definitely an upgrade over the um2s. I have both and while I preferred the um2s over the 4rs, the w40s have enough of a change that it sounds like a definite upgrade on all aspects of the um2.
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