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I'm willing to buy a new iPod classic 6th gen in functional condition. I don't really care if it's very pretty, as long as it's functional. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $100, but that's not firm.
Does this mean I win? haha. All kidding aside, this is a cool giveaway
  While that may be true, a google search has them listed at $10 less than that price--brand new.
  I liked Mat as well. I can't blame him really, but Sanderson still doesn't have a grip on Mat as Jordan wrote him. It got way better in this book than the last one. He seemed too blustery in the last book and did things that took me away from it and made me say, "He wouldn't ever do that." But it's difficult to do as he is and he's made no pretenses on pretending to be Jordan, so I forgive him. I guess I'll have to re-read the series again if I want more.   Check out...
Yea, haha. I'd been out of the forums for awhile and I missed the advent of the Re-zero, so I was still running under that assumption like a moron. It happens.
You are correct, I was thinking of the RE0. Consider me now educated, haha.
  "Lord Knows" -Alien Ant Farm
  In this case, it would be illuminating. (Get it?)
    "Highway to Hell"- AC/DC
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