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dr. dre's and skullcandy cater the same market group, and I can assure you that the majority in this group doesnt even know that headphone amps exist, let alone flac or high fidelity reproduction. although I dont like the hd650's the comparison is not even apples and oranges, its more like brassieres and salmon...
Beyer DT880 600ohm, I have the 325's and hardly use them the beyers are better balanced and cover more ground and regarding the d2000, I havent heard them modded, but stock they are under my standard, boomy and plastic definition.
I find the HD800 much more ridiculous looking the HOON's As for the skullcandy's, ALL of them are in the league of the grotesque
Seriously, Stick to the 880 600ohm and would recommend the darkvoice, they match well. I find the 880 more balanced and a bit more flexible, just dont go for the 250ohm, they are good but not as good as the 600ohm
price drop!!!! now 190 euros!!!!
Delivery in the Netherlands will also begin next week
Get a Rega P1 with a Denon 103 cartridge (if you can afford the 103R, go for it, it is in another league), for preamp the clearaudio nano is really good for its price, consider the bellari vp130 and the rega mini. avoid the project and nad preamps. Just as a note: I know well all the equipment im recommending and have some knowledge on vinyl reproduction.
If price is no object then get an Weiss Minerva or a Berkley Alpha Dac In my opinion, this two are the best production dacs (non esoteric) currently available, they are simply amazing! However the dac1 still holds the value crown imho
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