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As long as you get the 600ohm Manufaktur's, you are missing nothing. Tubes an this cans are a perfect combination!
If you are interested in selling yours please PM, thanks
just PM'd you
ultimately, antonyfirst couldnt afford them... so they are again up for grabs, this time with a super price drop!
are you going to be using an amp? if yes, you should look at the Beyer dt770 250ohm Manufaktur, you can style them as you wish (finish, color, pads...), and the 250ohm isnt muffled at all. otherwise, i second the ath-esw9a, but buy it from an authorized dealer, there are many fakes around...
I cant stress enough that the dt770 600ohm Manufaktur with a good tube amp will change your mind about closed backs!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen Both have problems with treble. Highs can be harsh, piercing and sibilant. The highs in the dt770 are a matter of amp matching, they sound more balanced under pure class A and almost perfect with tube amplification, also the 250ohm version with the iqube portable amp does justice to the highs. The dt770 is a better headphone if you are willing to invest a bit in amplification, otherwise just get the d2000
dude, you can get them NEW from an authorized dealer and full warranty for $210, you should seriously reconsider your asking price...
Assuming use with portable amps: the d2000 + no-amp or cheap-amp for decent sound any dt770 + no-amp or cheap-amp for lame sound the dt770 80ohm + good-amp for wonderful sound and better isolation the dt770 250ohm + a great -amp for superb sound and better isolation the d2000 + good or great amp for decent sound Stationary use: the dt770 600ohm + a great tube-amp for reference closed back sound
I just heard the k701'w with a Phonitor (my next buy) and they surpassed all expectations! I thought that my Lehmann BCL Balanced was already superb with them... the 701's are to my ears, some of the less colored cans out there, and are very sensitive to colored amplification, a reason why they require a perfect matched amp to shine. But the best reason they are always bashed is because most headfi'ers dont know what neutral is (the 701's arent neutral but they are...
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