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 Damn it! I was so excited of the possibility that I didnt do a proper research before placing the order here: doublehelixI dont know what I was thinking.... Even if I'm able to get T2's, I doubt it would be possible to insert a cable thicker than the linum. The Picture I found shows how small T2 (center) is compared to the MMCX (right).  
Lets see who gets the ZX2 first, I ordered it from Hong Kong. Who will be the first to hear the Encore's with a ZX2? Seriously, these CIEM's are making me do crazy things, just ordered mmcx terminations to convert my TWag 3's for use with the Encores, as much as I like the Linum cables, I think it will be a serious upgrade in search to get the most out of the ACS magic.
80 hours and they are becoming silkier, liquid and smother without loosing any detail, on the contrary there is more detail but it now belongs to a musical unity, no element of the music asks for more attention than any other, all the elements are there perfectly rendered in unison. I continue to be impressed and cant wait to try them out with the ZX2. I will report back after the 100 hour mark.
I just placed an order for the Sony NW-ZX2.... I am blaming the Encore's for this!
ACS is not a small brand, actually it is an industry leader and one of the most established in the business (21 years). If you like bling with your ciems look at acrylic monitors, silicon by its nature limits options, I prefer non-bling and ultimately its about the sound.... Some background from ACS website: Over time, ACS has formed partnerships with other world leaders from the field of hearing conservation and has developed cutting edge products that have helped people...
      After 32 hours of being played-in I have heard substantial changes in the way they render music, all for the better, as a matter fact, this is the first time that I have had a jaw dropping moment. The beginning was hard for the low frequencies, they didnt have any attack nor textural precision, also the highs were a bit tamed, but now its totally different; I can detect low frequency textures and the background instrumentation has become more liquid,...
Finally! I have them. Just began playing with them, so far they are more comfortable than my acrylic CIEM, I like the silicon. More comments on the sound later. For those that have them, what are your experiences with burn-in times, perceived changes or negligible?
   Mine took 3.2 weeks, I received an email two days ago with the notification that they were ready to be picked up, but since Im traveling I will do it until Monday... I dont know what is harder, waiting for them to be made or having them ready and not being able to pick them up.
 They are definitely not for noisy environments. These cans are designed for flexible home/office listening, forget fidelity if you plan taking them out in ANY urban environment or form of public transportation.  IMO, NC in the Zik2's is superior to the Bose, actually, the best NC I have heard. Yes the battery is terrible, I purchased two extra batteries and I have to charge and swap if I want to get through any transatlantic flight. Very impractical!  100% agree, these...
 This thread is slow! I would assume that it is due to the lack of new owners... I was expecting mine this week but ACS just told me that they expect them to be ready until Friday; they are certainly busy but I doubt its due to the universals. For those that have them, any opinions on the DAPs you have used? 
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