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The new Shure's SRH-940, I suspect they might be your cup of tea. I just received them, very balanced and ultra detailed headphones -not boomy at all-, im very positively surprised, these might be the ultimate value in portable cans. Reviews around are also very positive, so dont take just my word for it.
After a long absence from headfi Im back with two new "portables" the Beyers T5p's and Im expecting the SRH-940's tomorrow. I want the best closed (portable) cans out there, I was to curious about the talk in this thread so I decided to hear for myself and compare what a big price difference means.... Before you suggest them, I owned the ed9's and ed'8s, too sugary for my ears.
Reduced price to $154 all inclusive
Thanks! I knew I wasnt so lucky.......
  And suddenly, they appeared inside a drawer, some iems that I had never seen before. Some guest must have left them and somehow they made their way into a drawer.... At first instance I thought they were Westone's, but I dont think Im that lucky. They also have a mic.   I would really appreciate if somebody could tell me what are they, thanks!
Bought exclusively for subway riding on March 30th and used for around 100 hours, now Im trying the SRH-940's for this purpose....  the cans are in mint condition and include the extra AIAIAI 1.2m straight cable, original receipt(still in warranty)/box/accessories. Price includes standard CONUS shipping from NY and paypal.   Cheers!   P.S. Im an old Headfier that hasnt done any transaction since the website was redesigned, this means all my feedback is in the...
pm sent
d7000's here I go.... PM sent
I want them, pm sent.
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