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IMO that forum is full of "kids" that go listen to new things for a few minutes at the shops in Singapore. Certainly better than nothing but still far from a trustworthy opinion.
The reality is that not to many people have heard the ZX2 in a proper setting, it just came out! There are very few out there that can really have a trustworthy opinion about it.Just by the tone of the post and because he owns a dx100, I call this BS
Does anyone have experience with the Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x 128GB ?
I had placed an order from a HK seller via Amazon but they were taking long to ship it, so I cancelled it and just placed one from Crutchfield. According to the checkout page it should be in my hands this Friday. I really hope its not a trick! I can't wait to try it with my ACS Encores.
I was going to ask the same thing... Thanks gearofwar
 My STAXs render with similar coherence, layering depth, harmonics, texture and musicality, what I mean with similar is that both satisfy me equally in these aspects. Where the STAXs get the advantage is in transparency, soundstage and spaciousness, but its unfair to compare any CIEM to them. In their own purpose, both my STAXs and the Encores satisfy me to the max! Of course I have been eying the 009's but I cannot seem to justify the price due to the fact that I use my...
Ok. After 168 hours of being played-in, I can now say that the music coming out of the two bores is just breathtaking. Of the 24 years I have been a seriously dedicated audiophile I have rarely encountered a component that has blown my mind the way the Encores are doing it. Things I thought impossible from a portable audio transducer are being done by these unimpressive looking pieces of silicon, these CIEMS are the Benchmark of Musicality on the go and beyond. ACS has...
I would say 3-4 weeks in the USA, perhaps a bit faster in EU? Mine took 2.7 weeks
Sorry to say this, but your logic is nonsense, this type of comments propagate a lot of ignorance and are why I sometimes stay away from Head-fi. Number of drivers are not directly proportional to more quality nor more detail, nor more whatever. Actually adding drivers poses a very difficult challenge that really affects the rendering quality of a transducer, this is referred to as a crossover, which is what divides the frequencies into each of the drivers. A good way to...
Yes, they do everything in-house, a seamless process from beginning to end, plus the service is really great!
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