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The ZX2 is a totally different animal and it plays at a much higher level than the ZX1 which I never really liked. The ZX2 is IMO the best DAP you can buy today, albeit I havent heard the Lotoo...
 I would not call it neutral, I would call it more like CLINICAL... wow, just saw it was my 1000th post... not sure if I should celebrate
Same impressions, on the other hand I havent had any issues with the ZX2
Im perhaps one of the few that doesnt have a google account, nor plan to. Since no google apps are active I get top consistent battery life.
   Would be nice if you could elaborate a bit more on the differences between the A12's and the Encores. Thanks!
I moved from Black Gates to V-Caps CuTF's in the custom dac/preamp I use on my home speaker setup, they took about 200hrs to stabilize but could still hear them change until the 400hr mark. You should try the vcap, they are to my ears superior to the BG. I wish I could put some in the ZX2  
 Browsing some old posts I found this posted by Happy Camper from the Blackgate capacitors tech paper: "The Idling ProcessIf a Black Gate capacitor mounted on an electronic device is actuated, a signal current flows into it and the electrodes are gradually activated, reducing non-linear distortion and phase distortion substantially while improving the efficiency of power transfer efficiency. The time required for this process varies widely with the capacity, voltage and...
I also like the standard case a lot, I find it more elegant, modern and discreet.
 How?  I would like to see a picture of the water damage...
 Im not sure what you are referring to, but when the dap is connected and playing it does not use the batteries, there is no way that this will degrade the battery life of anything. Most modern battery powered electronics function this way, imagine only using my macbook pro when disconnected to power! This would really degrade its batteries...  Is there something wrong with your unit? or are you just asking?
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