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Correct. You need a bit more power to properly drive some of your cans and you would still get the S-Master sound. However im not sure if the bypass is possible with the A17?
Due to the fact that you own mostly full size cans, I would go for option #2
You just gave me hope! Uploading to the internal memory took forever.How are the Encores adapting to the new player? Mines are responding well!
Do you just put them there or do you need to create a special folder so that they're recognized?
Has anyone tried putting music directly to the sd card instead of using the "content transfer" software? The slow transfer speed is painful.....
It takes forever to transfer 256gb of music!!!! Sony should have used usb3 interface
[/quote]check out Soren's thread on the linum. You can contact Estron for the low impedance custom prototype super balanced cable. It's around 300eur since it'smade in Danemark at the moment or wait for it to be cheaper once released publicly in mass production from China.[/quote] Thanks! Just emailed Linum, let's see if they can make it with a T2 connector.
I will be writing to Linum today. Hopefully they are able to make the super balanced with a T2 connector. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.
Has anyone considered ordering the Linum Balanced cable? Since its the only upgrade option on this front I think I will do it....
IMO that forum is full of "kids" that go listen to new things for a few minutes at the shops in Singapore. Certainly better than nothing but still far from a trustworthy opinion.
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