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Thanks, yes, budget can be stretched a bit. How about the Focal CMS-40's? are the Yamaha's better?
Hi all, Im looking for fidelity and not volume, balance and not emphasis in a freq range. They will be used in a computer setup for near-field listening, dac is the burson da-160. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
You can pick up the Shure's for $620 on eBay, the Koss for around the same and the STAX for $755. These three are superior to the akg's. I was just trying to push the envelope a bit, in your range, then... I would seriously consider the Shure SRH1440, they are around $400, they are extremely detailed and open, imo a much better can than the akg's.   good luck
I listen to your type of music too. For a little bit more than $500 dont overlook the koss esp-950 or the STAX SRS-2170, this music plays amazingly well in electrostatics. If electrostatics are to much, then focus on the new Shure SRH-1840, these cans are simply amazing and IMO better than the more expensive hd-800's, all hi-fi man's and T1's, look at them on ebay. Forget about the amp now, first get some good cans. 
>>>RESERVED<<<     I had them on-sale and then I went for a long trip... Im back and they are again for sale: my Beyerdynamic T5p's. In mint condition, I have the original case, box and papers. Buyer to pay shipping and paypal fees. The beyers ship from NYC, local pickup is welcomed.   Cheers!   BTW, I have a lot of good feedback but old-school style, just click at the feedback link in my signature if you are interested.
I will say it again, for rock and pop lovers the ed.8's will be preferred by most due to their colored bass emphasis, for discreet or orchestral electronic, modern composition, jazz, free jazz, improv, avant-garde and classical the t5p is a much better headphone, they are more natural, open and reproduce acoustic space far more accurately than the ed8's which are terribly unnatural, but I guess bass always wins to fidelity in this forum....
I owned the ed.8 and sold them, IMO fun at the beginning distorted in the long run. The customs you mention and I would add the Earsonics EM3pro's, will give you much better sound for the buck. With the ed8's you are buying an object of desire, with the customs a professional musical instrument....    
One of the sharpest critical posts I've read in headfi. Thanks for the laugh!
Yes, I guess headfi is not a democracy... it just takes a few opinions to shatter those of many. BTW, I guess you are aware of my anti hd800 threads :) Our ears are truly opposites.  Im curious, what speakers do you like?
  True, my boat sinks with un-natural colored bassy cans, and certainly ultrasone is at the forefront group, perhaps we listen to very different type of music. Anyway, the srh-940's are not only praised by me, just have a look at the thread :) you will be surprised
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