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With special hi-tech nano-laser glasses, of course
Just received this:       Although not as tough as a glass protector, I really love how it feels to touch and more importantly that it hardly leaves any fingerprints on the surface, very impressive!
Thanks! Im expecting a T2 Linum Balanced (TRRS) cable to arrive next Monday, I will use it with my Encores. Will also post impressions once the cable has been burned-in....
 Crutchfield and Amazon in the US are also out of stock
 The silicone that ACS uses is a very high grade 40 Shore Silicone with SteriTouch and UV resistance, this silicone is tremendously solid (non-sticky at all) but at the same time it is reactive to heat, this means that it expands a little when you wear it (very little), making the fit even more comfortable and much less prone than any Acrylic to losing the seal if your head moves or face contorts, I have yet to loose the seal no matter what position I have been in. In...
 Thanks. The 200hrs ZX2 burn was true to my ears. The Encores pair amazingly well and it sounds like the A12s also match, its an amazing DAP, top!
I ordered the Linum Balanced cable, very much looking forward to this test. So far the pairing of the ZX2 and the Encores is without doubt the best portable setup I have heard, simply addictive and magical!
Thanks. Yes, I have ordered the Linum Balanced BAX and have been trying to convince Estron to send me a demo of their beta Super Balanced which is a bit thicker and has less impedance. I really wish they could sell T2 connectors so that I could put them on my TWAg V3s... But I must say I love the lightness and thinness of the BAX
 Thanks. Still curious about a comparative between the A12s and the Encores, which I consider to be on the top of all CIEMs I have listened to.... but havent being able to audition the A12s
The ZX2 is a totally different animal and it plays at a much higher level than the ZX1 which I never really liked. The ZX2 is IMO the best DAP you can buy today, albeit I havent heard the Lotoo...
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