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 audioxxx, these are not things you can just suspect and post them as guides....     isIt a fact that the ZX2 and the great majority of similar devices (for years!) have a battery protection circuitry designed to avoid overcharging and these kind of issues. Even this diy guy in youtube makes one in minutes for almost nothing!, do you think that Sony, Apple, Samsung, A&K and the like dont have the technology to do it???By your suspect logic, we all should never leave...
Why waist battery cycles? Keep it plugged if you can. Always keep your headphones connected while playing, volume or Music does not matter, you are mostly burning the oil capacitors, not transducers. Nothing happens if you let your unit playing the whole 250hrs, that's what I did... But be aware that the 250hrs will be perceived as a whole month! Use this forum in case depression and anxiety become an issue  
just search for a ZX1 protector (same size as ZX2), there are plenty of them available on ebay and amazon for cheaps. You will not regret the purchase, but... it will force you to upgrade your grados
Thanks, already sent him a message. I hope he can make one.
Hi Im looking to use my AK240 2.5mm TRRS terminated cable with the Hifiman and Sony ZX2, both of them take 3.5 TRRS.... Has anyone been able to find this adapter? I found a very cheap mass produced one in aliedexpress that I cannot trust! Thanks!
Two things:   1. I am convinced that the ZX2 burning time has to be raised from 200hrs to 250hrs. 250hrs SHOULD BE THE OFFICIAL RECOMMENDED BURNING TIME OF THE ZX2 IN HEAD-FI. Who is with me on this one? I heard a substantial difference from 200 to 250 (mostly 3D imaging and transparency).... sorry to those waiting   2. I still like a lot the standard case, its very well made and modernly elegant. Maybe its because I play albums at a time and use playlists, I almost...
Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321701379587?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l4467&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI321701379587.N19.S2.M-16224.R3.TR3 The Encores are without doubt the most refined CIEMS I have had the pleasure to listen to, and I have listened to many... After so many years in the hobby I know what I want and only when I hear a true substantial improvement I change components in my audio systems, after purchasing the EarSonics EM3pros I continued to audition ciems but non presented...
With special hi-tech nano-laser glasses, of course
Just received this:       Although not as tough as a glass protector, I really love how it feels to touch and more importantly that it hardly leaves any fingerprints on the surface, very impressive!
Thanks! Im expecting a T2 Linum Balanced (TRRS) cable to arrive next Monday, I will use it with my Encores. Will also post impressions once the cable has been burned-in....
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