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   Go to your bathroom with the zx2 and the screen protector, close the door and turn the hot water for enough time that there is vapor covering the mirror(s), turn the water off, wait until the mirrors start to clear and enjoy your dust free room by putting the protector without a single speck!
nah... it will get worse after 120hrs and then begin to bloom at around 200 but IMO you really can hear it in full bloom at around 250. One must suffer before experiencing true enjoyment
I bought both this one and a 9H glass protector. I installed the liphobia first and Im quite happy with it, no need to move to the glass one yet...
Go for the encores if you prefer a more analogue sound with natural soundstage (a bit warm), and for the adels if you like it a bit brighter more punchier and open. Both are excellent choices, but just considering the price difference I would have a difficulty justifying the adels....
Amazon...Im not so sure I will like it, but for $10 Im willing to take the risk. One of my favorite features of the ZX2 are the buttons and this case covers them.....
Thanks! Just ordered one. $10 dollars, wow!
Yes, do so. I have been enjoying mine too much, listening to well recorded modern classical is goosebump producing stuff, Nils Frahm latest record playing the 100K piano sounds unbelievable.
    I must also stress the fact that you have to put ~150 hours before you make any conclusions, if you check older posts there are some descriptions of the sound changing dramatically and it was not my brain adjusting as I hardly used the while breaking them in. Good luck with solving the issues, all the effort will be worth it
+1I just landed in Helsinki and it was the most pleasurable transatlantic flight I have ever taken. The Encores combined with the ZX2 is the highest level of portable sound I have experienced. Mindblowing! And I should mention the comfort, way beyond any acrylic CIEM I have owned. Yes, I'm in love.
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