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Im selling a mint Berkeley Alpha USB interface, without doubt the best there is. This is what the Absolute Sound said:   "The Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB is a breakthrough product that not only overcomes the limitations of the USB interface, but provides a state-of-the-art method of getting audio out of a computer. Moreover, the Alpha USB makes this reference-quality performance available to non-technical music lovers who have a Macintosh and a DAC. Though the Alpha...
Why dont you just turn it off?I dont know which headphones are you using but the ZX2 sq is way above the A17...
 I just emailed Dignis for the Red one. BTW, The link of the review doesnt work, can you post it again?
They will need to be remolded to your impressions, I think ACS charges like 200 for this process
 sorry to hear this, it can be very frustrating, I've read many times in headfi forum of those ears that are not compatible with ciems... But why not instead of selling them, you exchange them for the universal version?
Its always a small percentage of users, it doesnt matter what brand but, dont be dissuaded by this. If you are in the UK, try going directly to ACS or ask them for recommendations on where to get your impressions, this is perhaps the most important part of the process. The majority of people that try ciems will stay with them, they are more comfortable than anything because they are molded to your ears and the sound, especially from TOTL is magical.
   Go to your bathroom with the zx2 and the screen protector, close the door and turn the hot water for enough time that there is vapor covering the mirror(s), turn the water off, wait until the mirrors start to clear and enjoy your dust free room by putting the protector without a single speck!
nah... it will get worse after 120hrs and then begin to bloom at around 200 but IMO you really can hear it in full bloom at around 250. One must suffer before experiencing true enjoyment
I bought both this one and a 9H glass protector. I installed the liphobia first and Im quite happy with it, no need to move to the glass one yet...
Go for the encores if you prefer a more analogue sound with natural soundstage (a bit warm), and for the adels if you like it a bit brighter more punchier and open. Both are excellent choices, but just considering the price difference I would have a difficulty justifying the adels....
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