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I had a chance to do side to side auditions between my ZX2, the AK320, and the Onkyo. I was open to buy one if I liked it more, but I didn't! To me the ZX2 is still the supreme leader on musicality, texture, spatiality, harmonics and timbre. The others sounded lifeless (AK320) and robotic (Onkyo) to me. Just my 2 cents.
After a lot of hesitation... I finally decided to depart from my love. For sale my Sony NW-ZX2 DAP. Bought at Crutchfields. American version, not volume limited. The DAP is in MINT condition, it has had a screen protector since new, not a single scratch anywhere and has only been in smokeless environments. I have the original box, accessories, receipt and a cruizer case.    Ships from NYC, can also be picked-up. Paypal add fees.   Thanks for watching!
Do you guys know if its already available in Hong Kong shops?
Im selling my unlocked iPad Air 2 with 128gb and cellular 4G LTE in Space Grey. I will include the ZeroChroma Folio Slide Case in Black (retails for $59). The iPad functions like new and is in excellent shape, no scratches. I have the original box.   Im in NYC, local pickup is possible, paypal add 4%, shipping is $14 USPS Priority Mail (CONUS), insurance add $5
                      This is a truly amazing deal, I need to get rid of them... Marriage....   Pair of Focal Professional CMS-40 Studio Active Monitors These pair of monitors is in MINT/as new condition, they retail new for around $900(pair). Bought for editing a short documentary and are no longer in use. If you are looking at this ad, then you know that these monitors are among the very best monitors in their range, simply stunning!   I...
I thought I would re-visit this thread just to write what you both wrote..... After some months of extensive travel with my encores, I can honestly say that in my 20+ years as a dedicated audiophile no portable combo has come close to the zx2+encores. This is as good as it gets.
Im selling a mint Berkeley Alpha USB interface, without doubt the best there is. This is what the Absolute Sound said:   "The Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB is a breakthrough product that not only overcomes the limitations of the USB interface, but provides a state-of-the-art method of getting audio out of a computer. Moreover, the Alpha USB makes this reference-quality performance available to non-technical music lovers who have a Macintosh and a DAC. Though the Alpha...
Why dont you just turn it off?I dont know which headphones are you using but the ZX2 sq is way above the A17...
 I just emailed Dignis for the Red one. BTW, The link of the review doesnt work, can you post it again?
They will need to be remolded to your impressions, I think ACS charges like 200 for this process
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