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    I couldn't make the picture go into the classified ad.  So here it is   I found a 3.5mm plug, it is used.  I don't know if it was the original or not.    Well, I was able to get the picture up in the first post.  Now I can't get rid of this.  Grrrrrr.  Well, whatever, it made for a bump!
Hi rymd,   You are the second person who has inquired about the plug!   It is the large single plug, that goes onto the small plug of the IEMS in order to be played from your home stereo which uses the large single plug.    I guess I best go out to Radio Shack or Best Buy today and pick one up to put with the CZ's.   Thank you for your interest.
Allrighty then, thank you for the schooling monoglycer.  Canadians, you can buy my CZ's too.
I have the original packaging, little black pouch, and 3 sets of the original single flange.     I'm asking 90 dollars for them.   They sound sweet, not a mark on them.      Payment by Paypal sold to the US or Canada
Well rawrster  I suppose if you put your mp3 player down and then do several somersaults,  your gonna have a problem with the linguine you know.   May God help me, I just bought the M2 from mp4nation for 36 bucks.  But then I'm out!
HJE900 vs. ECCI 401     Joker asked if I could give my impressions of the two.  I own the CZ's (HJE900).  I describe them as FUN the FUNNEST, see that word as billboard sized.  They are heavily theatrical.  You get a deep bass it is subwoofer in impact.  It is spherical, it is like being at the circus and watching the instruments swing from the trapeze, lots of oohs and ahhhs. When you are listening to music it is an EVENT at times stunning.  So what happened why...
I cannot stay I came to say I must be going I'm glad I came But just the same I must be going. YouTube - Groucho Marx - 'Hello, I Must Be Going' I have my Fuze, my HJE's I must be going. I cannot linger, go in debt, and obsess. You all know, you've left behind the chance of ever leaving. But I tell you now, that this is true, I must be going. So long! I enjoyed the party truly!
Yeah they don't get any love here. But I saw this deal and thought to pass it on. I am so tempted to get the 60 dollar 8 gb. But I gotta stay with my FUZE ; )
Totally worth loaning my sweet little Panasonic 900's to Joker. This Clash of the Titans is one of your finest reviews! I wish you had the Ortofons to compare, I got a feeling that will be the only likely upgrade from the 900's for me : ). So the CK10 is the finest analytical? The MTG is Jekyl and Hyde-- analytical and/or fun depending on tips and insertion? The 900's CZ's are the Funnest?
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