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I'm having an ebay garage sale right now so jump on in!!! Please!!! Oh yeah, good offers will make me end auctions early. Viewsonic VP171b 17" LCD 128MB PC2100 DDR SODIMM notebook memory 2 port PCMCIA firewire card Compex TH-102A HPNA 2.0 broadband router HP Photosmart 320 2.1 MP digital camera
spaceman is a chill guy to trade with. there was a slight hitch, but it was resolved quickly and professionally!
20 GB price lowered
I have a Rio Karma in great condition with accessories for sale because I wanted a flash player that I could take running. Included: Rio Karma cradle + ac adapter crossover cable usb cable special case This is a great player, well loved for its interface, gapless playback, and multiple supported formats. Works on all operating systems via an ethernet interface, and windows and linux (and maybe osx?) through usb. SOLD
Four official Apple nano (1g) tubes: white, green, pink, and purple. $12 shipped obo.
Purchased an iPod nano from Chris. Fast shipping and the product arrived in perfect condition with all of the original packaging. Highly recommended.
Can pay via non-cc paypal or check/mo. Make offers based on condition and accessories (looking for a case and armband, specifically). For reference, the offer is going to have to be cheaper than an equivalent official Apple refurb since those come with a full warranty.
buy mafia, folks. that is a good game. think of it as a more tasteful, structured GTA in the mob era.
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