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Hi Steve,   If you change your mind about shipping iPad overseas - let me know, of course if you still have it    Thank you.   P.S. I will add extra cash from my side to cover shipping fees.
Thank you for advice Tigz. Occasionally I feel back pain, but never had problems with neck. I hope stretching will help, because at the moment I don't know where to go (T1, HD800, etc.) if I wasn't able to listen to LCD2 
Bad news.... Yesterday, after three hour session with LCD2, they had induced some neck pain, and today it is after 20 minutes 
Just sharing my thoughts about this problem, not that I have it, but still. Maybe it is because of frequent headphones adjustment ?   Anyway, I am sure Audeze will solve it in no time. 
As I recall from krmathis post (can't find it at the moment) this is because of machinery, which had made drivers for K1000. Over the time it wear out, and thus there are two versions of K1K.   Sorry If I have missed some details regarding this matter.   
What a great review ! Thank you, Frank.
And wallet gets dry dry dry. Motto #2 Sorry, I couldn't resist 
Ryan,   There is one for sale at audiogon:  
Sorry to hear about such bad experience.   As for using paypal and buyers with 0 feedback, after receiving money you should clear them to your bank account or credit card and only then ship the item. Just my 2 cents.
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