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I am sorry for making off-topic. As I can tell, majkel and Piotr Ryka have been listening to the same CS300Xs. And from previous posts I recall that the particular amplifier was modified (there were changed capacitors, some other parts). So maybe those changes had influence to headphone output, no ?  
Congratulations, Skylab !   Let us hope for a MEGA review from you     
As far as I know R10 has been introduced to the market  in 1989, but there you go:    Any ideas, how this could be possible ?
Sir, you are an enabler  Kidding ! Thank you, Gu, for great impressions   
I have tried to do some google translations. So there it is:            
2011 January 13-th. UPDATE. At the moment I am away. Sale is on hold.    
Box dimensions, in which was delivered LCD-2 are: 39 x 31 x 22 in centimeters.  I am not really sure if it is true value, but in paperwork it is written that package weight is 3 kilos.  
It really makes me happy, that ears do not get hot while listening to LCD2.  Well they do a little, but not as hot as it becomes a need for one to cool them off by taking a break.
Thinker, thank you so much for initial impressions.   Everyone is waiting for more 
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