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Thank you guys for your suggestions.     I was considering Leben CS600, which should be a step up to its little brother CS300X(s), no ?     I find strange that amp (CS300XS) could have such diverse opinions. Majkel, I hope what you have experienced with Leben was only because of Sovtek tubes. As I have read in these forums, head-fier should try rolling different tubes to find best pleasing sound for ones hearing.
If you can find used Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA, then you are in luck. It has DAC and headphone amp, and combination with LCD-2 is nothing more but remarkable. Others who have heard this combo will confirm it, I think 
Hi everyone,   The time has come to upgrade, or just try something different. At the moment, I have in my possession quite magnificent solid state Red Wine Audio HPA amplifier, which is rather good and I am quite happy with it. But as the majority of you know, when upgraditis strikes it is so hard to control it    Anyway, the first question which is bothering me: do tube amplifiers go well with electronic music ? I am talking about such genres as IDM (intelectual...
warp08, that is the most amazing bedside rig I have ever seen. Looking forward to your impressions.   Get well !!!
I am sorry for making off-topic. As I can tell, majkel and Piotr Ryka have been listening to the same CS300Xs. And from previous posts I recall that the particular amplifier was modified (there were changed capacitors, some other parts). So maybe those changes had influence to headphone output, no ?  
Congratulations, Skylab !   Let us hope for a MEGA review from you     
As far as I know R10 has been introduced to the market  in 1989, but there you go:    Any ideas, how this could be possible ?
Sir, you are an enabler  Kidding ! Thank you, Gu, for great impressions   
I have tried to do some google translations. So there it is:            
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