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Good luck with a sale, Padam.   By the way, what amp are you planning to purchase for Qualias ?
Nice work, Wiktor !!!
Tell us more, please   
Is there an easy way to copy ratings from one player ( for example Birdsong) to another ?
Of course. UK voltage is 220 - 240 V    
There is a sale on yahoo auctions:   You can use various services to acquire these headphones (kuboten / pricejapan etc)   Good luck 
Thank you, warp !!!  
I have an old version RWA, it it solid state amp.  
Looking forward to your impressions SA5K vs The Good stuff  Warp, what would you suggest to do first regarding Qualias, to get the best of them:   a) change cables; b) look for a new amp; c) else ?   PS As always you pics are just awesome !!!
Recently I have acquired Qualias. I am wondering, is it just my ears, but sibilance on some tracks are so intense that I can't bear it.... Warp, I remember that fellow, from which you had bought Qualias, after some time have visited you and he was so impressed with recabled Qualias, that he would had never sold them in the first place. Anyway I would like to know, was he listening using your system ?    Maybe this flagship would benefit from tube amp ? 
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