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Hi,   Is there somewhere I can find frequency response of these headphones ? Thank you.
  Just a few days I received almost brand new pair AH-D1100.  I tried these headphones and it is not to my liking. Bass impact is too strong for my taste.  My loss is your win.    Here is the original thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/567273/denon-ahd1100-as-new  
Can anyone suggest how should I modify my rev1 box to fit LCD2, without removing cables every time I want to put it there ?   Thanks.  
You've got a pm!
Share more info, mate. Thanks.
  Hi everyone,   I am selling this majestic Sony headphones. I am the third owner. It was handled with utmost care. Conservatively on Audiogon scale I would rate headphones 8/10.    All of the original materials are included - box, metal headphone stand, manual, etc. Headband is medium size.   Price is firm. No trades. Preferred payment methods: iban money transfer, paypal (add 4%), shipping is extra.   *SOLD*
Vinnie,    Congratulations on new good stuff you will bring to all head-fiers around the globe ! Would love to know what extra upgrades (excluding  tube stage and LPF battery) I could get for my almost 2 years old Isabellina HPA.   David
  Hi,   I am looking for ergonomic (light weight, no microphonics), neutral (sound wise) LCD-2 aftermarket cable, which would not break the bank.    I am interested only in single-ended versions (TRS 1/4").   Thanks, David
Kudos for this amazing gift !!!
Wow, man, good for you !!!  I have medium size and I use sponge to get a good fit    No, I haven't tried after market cables, but maybe in near future I'll hit Twag v.2.     
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