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Wow....  This is amazing! Great job. Many thanks !!!  
What your recommendations for this would be ?   
There you go:
Sorry for bumping this awesome thread, but maybe any of you, Qualia owners, can tell me where can I locate serial number of this majestic headphone ? Thanks in advance.
What a journey ! I am guessing those legendary phones you are writing about is R10, right?
Thank you for your answer.      I am sorry that in my previous post I did not indicated, that I was looking for frequency response graph ( like this - ) :)     One last question. Maybe you can compare CD770 with such headphones as Sennheiser HD650, Denon AH-D (2000/5000/7000) and Audeze LCD-2 of course if you had change to listen to them ? Last week I've bought Denon AH-D1100, they had too much bass, so these had to go Thus at the moment I am looking...
Hi,   Is there somewhere I can find frequency response of these headphones ? Thank you.
  Just a few days I received almost brand new pair AH-D1100.  I tried these headphones and it is not to my liking. Bass impact is too strong for my taste.  My loss is your win.    Here is the original thread:  
Can anyone suggest how should I modify my rev1 box to fit LCD2, without removing cables every time I want to put it there ?   Thanks.  
You've got a pm!
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