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agentsim, Calyx had brought my attention, since there are quite a few threads in . I was quite shocked  when member was raving about it and how it bests QB-9 ( I will have it in my "to look into" list. Thanks    baldux, to be honest, there is hifi shop which had offered 40% discount, therefore prices of Esoteric D7 / Ayre QB-9 / Weiss 202 are quite acceptable. I've noticed that Overdrive have a fan, well that is a...
Hi Guys,   I was wondering maybe some you have heard one or even all of them and could share your opinion: maybe they are just overpriced and I should look into something cheaper that could somewhat be in the same league as those entry DACs ? Thanks    
Thank you so much for sharing your impressions!   Regarding this issue, you should have asked Vinnie of RWA to put/install variable line outputs. As I recall he can do that.  Enjoy your AE 
I had these for more than a month. They are absolutely fantastic, but to me they are not very ergonomic. My ears rub to veil of the drivers, if it wasn't for that these would be a keeper.   There is the info from a previous sale:   In great condition for a 10+ year old headphone. Padding over the speaker drivers have been removed as it was disintegrating and doesn't seem/sound to be more than a dust guard. Ear pads are still very soft and squishy albeit have a few...
Wow....  This is amazing! Great job. Many thanks !!!  
What your recommendations for this would be ?   
There you go:
Sorry for bumping this awesome thread, but maybe any of you, Qualia owners, can tell me where can I locate serial number of this majestic headphone ? Thanks in advance.
What a journey ! I am guessing those legendary phones you are writing about is R10, right?
Thank you for your answer.      I am sorry that in my previous post I did not indicated, that I was looking for frequency response graph ( like this - ) :)     One last question. Maybe you can compare CD770 with such headphones as Sennheiser HD650, Denon AH-D (2000/5000/7000) and Audeze LCD-2 of course if you had change to listen to them ? Last week I've bought Denon AH-D1100, they had too much bass, so these had to go Thus at the moment I am looking...
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