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Hi, Item looks very interesting. tk3, can you compare Havana to Benchmark DAC1 I suppose its quite a nice deal, but shame that Havana has only one output (2 RCA's). In my case I would like connect headphones and stereo system. Maybe splitter would help. Anyway, thank you for your answers
Hi, Please check your email. Thanks
Hi, In my honest opinion, you asking way too much for DAC1. The new one with the most expensive shipping to Europe (~227) costs 931 euros + vat (from 15 % to 25%). And the maximum final price is.... From 1070 to 1164 Euros. Anyway: Free bump ;-) P.S. I'm sorry for being such an ignorant silly man for telling prices.
I've combined some books, will try that. Thank you for an idea ;-)
Hello, So there it is my complaint: I can't wear my sennheiser HD650 for long. After an hour of listening to music, my ears get itchy, tight and heat up. I've tried to stretch cans, but it helps just for some time. Is it just me or anyone else falls into simillar problem ? Any ideas how to overcome this discomfort ? Thanks.
Hi, After reading through forums, I've decided to go with RME ADI-2 DAC, But at the moment I have not figured it out, how I will connect this puppy to: Little Dot MK IV / MK IV SE amplifier and to Adam's a7 monitors ADAM A7. MK IV has 2 RCA inputs One ADAM monitor has XLR and RCA RME ADI-2 has Quote: The ADI-2 is equipped with a balanced stereo line input via two Neutrik XLR/phones combo jacks, a balanced stereo line output with XLR plus...
I was wondering, is there any kind of software for example: It takes song's spectrum from .flac and spectrum from .mp3, then It compares, and gives you output, in which there is sound difference, which for some of us is difficult to notice (to hear) i.e. output gives sound that there is no in .mp3 , but still is in .flac Anyhow, I suppose it would be possible to do some coding in MATLAB. Well, maybe some of you have any other suggestions ?
Well guys, in all your cases you need to listen to make assumption about the quality of music. I don't know why this had happend to me, but when I listen to low quality (320 kbps and less) music, after some time my ears start to hurt. But when its FLAC - no problems there. Maybe its time to see aurist for this particular matter
I have heard good things about Juli@, just for some reason I am looking for better source, or it is just me and my silliness: you pay more for sound card - you getting better quality. Anyway, thank you knopi for your opinion ;-)
Hi everyone, I didn't want to create another thread about same problem, so there is my dilemma: I just have been browsing all around forums about RME HDSP9632 as for primary source, and found out that its analog output is not so good as, for example, Lavrys sound card's. And to pay approximately 320 Euros just for source is kind of expensive. However, the card itself is afully awesome (in a good way) for creating music. And I am just wondering maybe it would better to...
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