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Hi there,   Well he is definitely a scam artist. I've purchased same MacBook Air on 8-th of December. Haven't received any messages from him regarding tracking.   Yeah, lesson is learned. Never ever send payment via paypal as a gift to unknown people...    I hope that there is Karma after all and that "fellow" will get what he deserves.   I'll report him to head-fi moderators.   What a way to start a New Year        
A dream headphone ? I want one which has K1000 soundstage, details of Qualia, comfort of HD800 and bass of LCD2.  I'll take two 
googleli, no Weiss DAC202 nor Antelope's Zodiac Gold ?    
Sorry for hijacking the thread, I have a creamy question for you googleli: For most of your listening sessions you use K-01 as DAC or CD player ?   Thanks. PS. Congrats on LCD3     
I've read D07 review... A big whoops goes to Esoteric. The problem is, that at the moment I do not have dedicated headphone amp, which I would be familiar with for D07 audition...   CA have some great reviews. Thanks, Elysian!   Well, company is going out of business, it needs to get rid of stuff, so why not to use this opportunity to acquire a nice DAC     
I will look into it    FIY If we apply current exchange rate and discount, thats what we will get:   Esoteric D7 - 2880 USD Ayre QB-9 - 2400 USD DAC202 - 4300 USD   No discount for Zodiac, its from other reseller.      
agentsim, Calyx had brought my attention, since there are quite a few threads in . I was quite shocked  when member was raving about it and how it bests QB-9 ( I will have it in my "to look into" list. Thanks    baldux, to be honest, there is hifi shop which had offered 40% discount, therefore prices of Esoteric D7 / Ayre QB-9 / Weiss 202 are quite acceptable. I've noticed that Overdrive have a fan, well that is a...
Hi Guys,   I was wondering maybe some you have heard one or even all of them and could share your opinion: maybe they are just overpriced and I should look into something cheaper that could somewhat be in the same league as those entry DACs ? Thanks    
Thank you so much for sharing your impressions!   Regarding this issue, you should have asked Vinnie of RWA to put/install variable line outputs. As I recall he can do that.  Enjoy your AE 
I had these for more than a month. They are absolutely fantastic, but to me they are not very ergonomic. My ears rub to veil of the drivers, if it wasn't for that these would be a keeper.   There is the info from a previous sale:   In great condition for a 10+ year old headphone. Padding over the speaker drivers have been removed as it was disintegrating and doesn't seem/sound to be more than a dust guard. Ear pads are still very soft and squishy albeit have a few...
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