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I had unbearable wearing issue with K1000, other than they are winner, for me anyways.    
skoog5600,   I am glad that CC company will refund you. In my case, I've paid him for the same Macbook Air using paypal balance as a gift (yeah, shame on me for being too trusting).   I hope that he gets what he deserves.   As there is telling in my county "A dolt gets beating even in the church"   
Now, lets get serious. Is there any way to get IPs of those scammers, afterwards contacting they ISP and report them to authorities ? If of course they were posting from their home.   Or even is there a law in US regarding fraud which involves non-US citizens ?
Thanks for advice, but unfortunately, I've paid using funds from paypal balance.   Major failure for me. Anyway, one lives and learns from his mistakes.     
Hi there,   Well he is definitely a scam artist. I've purchased same MacBook Air on 8-th of December. Haven't received any messages from him regarding tracking.   Yeah, lesson is learned. Never ever send payment via paypal as a gift to unknown people...    I hope that there is Karma after all and that "fellow" will get what he deserves.   I'll report him to head-fi moderators.   What a way to start a New Year        
A dream headphone ? I want one which has K1000 soundstage, details of Qualia, comfort of HD800 and bass of LCD2.  I'll take two 
googleli, no Weiss DAC202 nor Antelope's Zodiac Gold ?    
Sorry for hijacking the thread, I have a creamy question for you googleli: For most of your listening sessions you use K-01 as DAC or CD player ?   Thanks. PS. Congrats on LCD3     
I've read D07 review... A big whoops goes to Esoteric. The problem is, that at the moment I do not have dedicated headphone amp, which I would be familiar with for D07 audition...   CA have some great reviews. Thanks, Elysian!   Well, company is going out of business, it needs to get rid of stuff, so why not to use this opportunity to acquire a nice DAC     
I will look into it    FIY If we apply current exchange rate and discount, thats what we will get:   Esoteric D7 - 2880 USD Ayre QB-9 - 2400 USD DAC202 - 4300 USD   No discount for Zodiac, its from other reseller.      
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