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There you go:   Practically new pair. Good luck.
Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) - 1/10   I have never seen such uninteresting, boring movie. A waste of time.
I have never thought that the weight of a watch could bother anyone... Apparently it does bother me. Wearing it for more than 8 hours and my arm is tired. I think I should hit gym, grow some muscle. Ha ha, now I get it why its called Seamaster, lol. Here are some pictures from auction:
Hi,   I am wondering if any kind of custom molded IEM (JH1x, UE, etc) could be irritating as Etymotic earplugs ? Maybe it's my tiny ear canals but I can't stand wearing earplugs for more than one hour. I have to take them out, scratch inner ear and then I'm good. I suppose IEM will be no-no for me...   Any suggestions ?   Thanks.
Great review, Asr!   Give the man a medal!  
The Three of Life 1/10   I've felt that script for movie was written by 100 or more writers. There is some basic idea - life and death, according to which movie is explicated. The 1-st writer writes some lines, than the 2-nd one comes into action and scribbles without looking at what the 1-st guy had written then the 3-rd, then the 4-th and yada yada yada.    
Thank you for your thoughts.   Ebay was the first place I was looking for watches and there are quite a few sellers with >99.8% rating with a couple of thousands of feedback from buyers. They ought to be trusted, no ?   Anyway, do you guys bring your bought stuff to your local watchmaker to make sure item is genuine ?     
  Thank you!!!  So many great sites.   Thats strange, I think I've heard my LCD2 silently screaming: "Oh noooo....."   
Hi guys,   What site(-s) would you recommend to buy used/new watches ?   Thanks!
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