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Hi,   I am wondering if any kind of custom molded IEM (JH1x, UE, etc) could be irritating as Etymotic earplugs ? Maybe it's my tiny ear canals but I can't stand wearing earplugs for more than one hour. I have to take them out, scratch inner ear and then I'm good. I suppose IEM will be no-no for me...   Any suggestions ?   Thanks.
Great review, Asr!   Give the man a medal!  
The Three of Life 1/10   I've felt that script for movie was written by 100 or more writers. There is some basic idea - life and death, according to which movie is explicated. The 1-st writer writes some lines, than the 2-nd one comes into action and scribbles without looking at what the 1-st guy had written then the 3-rd, then the 4-th and yada yada yada.    
Thank you for your thoughts.   Ebay was the first place I was looking for watches and there are quite a few sellers with >99.8% rating with a couple of thousands of feedback from buyers. They ought to be trusted, no ?   Anyway, do you guys bring your bought stuff to your local watchmaker to make sure item is genuine ?     
  Thank you!!!  So many great sites.   Thats strange, I think I've heard my LCD2 silently screaming: "Oh noooo....."   
Hi guys,   What site(-s) would you recommend to buy used/new watches ?   Thanks!
I had unbearable wearing issue with K1000, other than they are winner, for me anyways.    
skoog5600,   I am glad that CC company will refund you. In my case, I've paid him for the same Macbook Air using paypal balance as a gift (yeah, shame on me for being too trusting).   I hope that he gets what he deserves.   As there is telling in my county "A dolt gets beating even in the church"   
Now, lets get serious. Is there any way to get IPs of those scammers, afterwards contacting they ISP and report them to authorities ? If of course they were posting from their home.   Or even is there a law in US regarding fraud which involves non-US citizens ?
Thanks for advice, but unfortunately, I've paid using funds from paypal balance.   Major failure for me. Anyway, one lives and learns from his mistakes.     
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