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Where does one can buy calligraphy nibs, holders, paper and ink in Europe ? Shipping from US is quite expensive + taxes...   Appreciate your suggestions.
Great review!   Just wanted to ask if QC25 can cancel noise only, without playing any music ?   Sorry for stealing the thread.    *Update* Never mind, find an answer on amazon :)
I am selling one of the first batch (2009 July, Rev A) of Red Wine Audio's headphone amplifier with a DAC (no tube stage). Recently I have changed acid battery for it. Package includes: USB cable, remote control, manual, charger (charging cable ends with Europlug).   Isabellina HPA has fixed line-level output jacks (RCA) (taken directly off the Isabellina dac module), the output voltage (2V rms) of the RCA jacks does not change when you adjust volume control on front...
I am selling one of the first batch of Audeze LCD2 (rev. 1)   Conservatively I would rate headphones 8/10. It has approximately 150-200 hours put on. They come from smoking and children free home. When not in use headphones were always stored in the box.   I must inform, that some time ago Audeze had sent block kit replacement (those blocks are used to fix headphone speakers to headband ), because there were some issues with block fracturing. My headphones still have...
Oh, wow. After two years of collecting dust in the box, LCD2 still rocks.
There are currently two sales on head-fi. Check them out for yourself.
Are there any similar design wristwatches to A. Lange & Söhne ? 
Thanks for review!   So, Jude, what was your favorite headphone of all times in 2010 ?   
According to this test I shouldn't by headphones priced higher than 200 bucks.     My wallet is happy.
Wow, David. Tremendous job, enormously amazing review.   Thank you!   
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