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Oh, wow. After two years of collecting dust in the box, LCD2 still rocks.
There are currently two sales on head-fi. Check them out for yourself.
Are there any similar design wristwatches to A. Lange & Söhne ? 
Thanks for review!   So, Jude, what was your favorite headphone of all times in 2010 ?   
According to this test I shouldn't by headphones priced higher than 200 bucks.     My wallet is happy.
Wow, David. Tremendous job, enormously amazing review.   Thank you!   
There you go:   Practically new pair. Good luck.
Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) - 1/10   I have never seen such uninteresting, boring movie. A waste of time.
I have never thought that the weight of a watch could bother anyone... Apparently it does bother me. Wearing it for more than 8 hours and my arm is tired. I think I should hit gym, grow some muscle. Ha ha, now I get it why its called Seamaster, lol. Here are some pictures from auction:
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