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  Pic above tells the this product positioning, seems that this XBA series is really aimed towards casual listener
@Kiteki: yeah, even its sony store online sells much lower than MSRP, hopefully other retailer will sell even lower than JPY 24800.   I'm just wondering why the price difference between XBA-1 and XBA-2 is that big (~9000 Yen in Japan Sony Style, ~11000Yen in MSRP), considering the price difference among XBA-2 to XBA-4 is not that much.
Hi all, you can check the official pricing in Japan here: XBA-1 = JPY 7455 XBA-2 = JPY 18375 XBA-3 = JPY 24675 XBA-4 = JPY 30975   XBA-1iP = JPY 8715 XBA-2iP = JPY 19635 XBA-3iP = JPY 25935 XBA-4iP = JPY 32235   XBA-S65 = JPY 8715 XBA-BT75 = JPY 24675 XBA-NC85D = JPY 43050
  really? I didn't see if it is vented..
Just read the press release 15 minutes ago, it seems that they really floods the BA IEM's market by releasing 11 IEM at the same time. We'll see how they will compare :)   the model and its spec can be seen here:§iontype=product&deepestLevelCategoryId=PA%20Headphones
Hi Danneq,   How is the ATH-CM700 when it is compared ot Yuin PK2? In your opinion which one is better?  Among all the earbud you have, which one you consider to be the best? I think you should start your own earbud-mega-review thread :p
The Sony E888 is famous for its bass and its warmth :) My friend even compare this earbud's bass with FA Eterna.. If you are really interested to buy Sony-E888, I have 3 brand new units for sale :)    The ATH-CM707 is already available in Japan, and can be purchased globally through AudioCubes or Bluetin Japan. I think It is around USD100 now.
Hi swbf2cheater, thanks a lot for the great review! :D   Any plan to review Audio Technica's high end earbud? (ATH-CM700, ATH-CM707)? Their build quality is top notch and so is the sound quality. I own ATH-CM700, Sony MDR-E888LP and Crossroads HR series. I could say I love the ATHCM700 most! :) Even though the sound may be too bright for some people, it just fulfill my preference very well :) I got this earbud last September for only ~USD60 from Audio Technica...
hi kjk1281   thanks for the info, i am already waiting for the successor of cm700 for a long time   anyway, ATH also released several new portable headphones such as SJ11, SJ33, SJ55.    they also launched 3 high end dynamic IEM: CKM77, CKM99, and...
After using several ATH's IEM, I really want to try the the higher level of their IEM, really want to know how good is CK100's build quality and how it sounds. CKM70 also invites my curiosity as it is not available in the country where I live now and I have used the CKM50 before.    Anyway, thanks for your generosity :)
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