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Hey guys,   My analysis on Primo 8: http://rinchoi.blogspot.com/2014/03/nuforce-primo-8-firstborn.html   Maybe I'll post some subjective impressions too, if I could elaborate the words which I jutted down when I was listening to these few weeks ago. 
I'd like to share my impressions on MA750 with you guys.     First of all, some pics:       (Disclaimer: I've been listening to modded 3DD and my modded MH1 recently)      RHA MA750's sound has a strong emphasis in the bass and the treble; thus it is V-shaped.   Right out of the box, what struck me greatly was its deep, dark signature. There were bulk and airiness, which are critical for reproducing a well-balanced vocal, but certainly MA750's mid was...
Some pics first:         My subjective impression on 3DD:   As far as custom-driven IEMs go, I've listened to Heir Audio 3.Ai/4Ai, UERM, Hidition NT6, Aurisonics ASG2, and Earsonics SM64. And clearly, 3DD is the best CIEM I've ever experienced: Wide frequency extension, low distortion, and linear frequency response.. Can't expect much better than this if Hi-Fidelity in-the-ear is of a concern. While the treble is crystal-clear with many layers of tangible...
At last, frequency response data of SE846 from myself, in collaboration with SEEKO. Measured with B&K 4157 (IEC 60318-4) occluded ear simulator at the reference plane:     As you can tell, the effect of the extra woofer can be well-observed in the low frequency range. SE846's treble extension.. is, unfortunately, as good as that of SE420, if not worse.         And here's a comparison between each filters, compensated with a conventional diffuse-field reference...
To all of current DSP-PRO owners here: I need your help.       I've recently acquired Sennheiser Lucas (DSP-PRO) for analysis, but it didn't come with its proprietary Mini-DIN to RCA/power cable. (came with a power adapter though) I can simply DIY the cable, but have no clue what its pinouts are. Any thoughts?   Thnx!
True. That's why I don't disregard FAD as much as Heir Audio. :P
No knocking taken. CSD, step, square wave, binaural synthesis, IMD, what not.. you name it, as long as it is not klippel-analysis or FEM, I can pull it off. Might send you a personalized data if you happen to know me personally haha   It's not that I would care if they won't lend me a sample.. I am an independent reviewer: I'll just borrow/purchase one as usual, and do an analysis as I see it fits. If I ever do an official review of RE-600, HiFiMAN will be able to govern...
I try to keep the communications that I have with companies open as much as possible, unless the manufacturer specifically requests for confidentiality. I don't like secrecy- Nuff of that big-brother-NSA-watching-my-ass. Everybody here should already know well-known reviewers are constantly supplied with product samples, and their reviews are pre-verified by the companies prior to publication. ;) 
Thnx a lot LOL
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