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Up since 0100 for my lab report that I have to hand in today. It is now 0445, true student spirit to start working at the right time.
  Something that doesn't look TOO idiotic.
What have the world done... I must say it really looks idiotic.
Shirobako is such a well hidden gem. Love how it doesn't sugar glaze everything yet doesn't make the whole thing a depressing hell.
Found this advert on the tube.
 Please do ignore my ranting. 90% of the time, you will find the majority disagreeing with me. Going with your own ear would be a safest bet as always, so try listening to everything.
Less meh is still meh. Even the LCD-XC is meh compared to what else you could get. Meh.
  I was saying the colour was similar, but it is that close. xD
On their redish line, I like the Yu-Yake most. But that is kinda orange.
The Kon-Peki is a good grade darker than the Ama-Iro. Ama-Iro is my favourite colour but I got the Kon-Peki for usability without losing out too much.
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