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Oh my... I actually liked the third Madoka movie, somewhat very fitting yet twisty.
Buy one get one free ramen in London, life is good.
This season is seemingly lacking nekomimi.   /me not happy about it!
No, the 335DW is simply a bassy headphone, even with it's very sweet mids, it is just bassy.   For me, the UERM is borderline too bright and the 335DW is borderline too bassy for my liking.
Is that the ending song?
New ClariS single... HYPE HYPE HYPE.
Could have died at least 3 times there. The Borsig could have not bounced and killed me, AMX could have killed me with the second shot, the GW Panther could have hit me... Yet nope.
To people who play WOT...   If this isn't blind luck, what is.
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