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Beware those wanted to privatise rail and the terrorist groups trying to smuggle chewing gum!
You love them warm stuff then. :D
The fun starts on single lane "B-roads". 60mph official limit, plenty of space to go up to. But you don't go 60 all the time, unless you have a deathwish. Most B-roads, at least in my area are twisty mountain roads. Hell lots of fun, but when leaves start falling, it gets pretty dangerous. Driving over 70 is actually scary unlike boring motorway trips and most likely hit the guy in front of you when you get out the bend. Tailgating big Range Rover Sports there are funny...
Most of my motorway journey are done in 90 odd mph. It is pretty safe as long as I don't go over 95. It goes like 70/79/96 mph, or 113/127/155 if you work in kmh. 70 is the legal limit, 79 is the advised leeway for a fix penalty, 96 and over you risk going to court and paying **** ton. In theory, 79 and under is the safest, you shouldn't even get a ticket at all. But... Thank god UK don't even care most the time.
The most baffling thing is people actually buys those dangerous cheapo tyres and never check their tyre pressure. Half the time, the tyres are worn to hell and most likely illegal... 12 months ago. It's quite scary, considering it rains quite a fair bit in the UK.
I normally just stay on the fast lane. Overtaking is a hassle. Until those bastard variable speed limit sections with cameras. Somehow with a bit of magic, staying at 90 odd mph and still getting 30+mpg on a old car.
I would love to get my hands on a GT86. Me like stuff like S2000, MX5. I love the RX7 FD too. UK are alright, I can merge more than fast enough even inside London. Most jerks are buses, but anything is faster than them. It's just fun is limited most the time, no matter what they drive, be it a van or a M3. You are always gonna tailgate it on a B road. Sad. The basic stiffening on the front strut bar does show, so does the nice tyres I got on it. Of course, the spoiler I...
I would love to "enjoy" driving. Sure I enjoy it, but I can never push my car no where enough. I don't care for straight line speed, cornering and all is just a lot more fun.   If I can't get everything out of my pretty much stock Corrolla, where would I find anything to use a faster car. I guess if you have enough money to get a supercar, trackdays are cheap. I am just glad there are plenty nice mountain passes nearby.
Never looked back on getting my FitEar.
Some does keep either a hard mold or scans of the impression. But fresh impression every year won't hurt.
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