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I do have relatively fancy cable, Zonotone mid end ones. Their shielding is great, but that is about it.
Tell me, that there is something wrong when I love my £120 headphone most...
1 - A2000X 2 - SR-404 with 507 pads 3 - SA5000 4 - AD1000PRM   AD1000PRM have most head time though, being the most comfortable out of all of them. A2000X is easily my current second favourite headphone after SR-009.
  Brunch of headphones currently out of the cupboard.
Someone seems to have earned their black mark on Head-Fi then. Totally unreasonable, HiFi stores I have been to from KJ WestOne in London to EVERYWHERE in Hong Kong have been very friendly.   KJ WestOne even told my friend from US to not buy from them even when they are certainly interested, the sales just simply state the fact that US is going to be cheaper than UK for that certain product and didn't push a sale. That is what I call friendly service.
 Pretty much everything there is second hand and bought at very low price. The only new headphone there is the AD1000PRM, which I bought ages ago at very low price from Japan too. Price of that since tripled.
  Gonna stay that way for quite some time.
It actually cost far less than you think. :P
My new "pick whatever" setup.
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