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Would be great. I will be bringing my second STAX system to sell, SR404Sig with leather pads + SRM300 JDM model modded to UK voltage.
Will there be a Denon D7200 this weekend? I had a brief listen in a noisy department store last weekend and was mighty impressed back then. Would have to have more head time to decide if it is time to move my TH-X00 on.   I will also be selling my spare STAX system this weekend if anyone is interested. (404Sig with leather pads + SRM300 JDM model modded to UK voltage)
Had a brief audition of the D7200 last weekend. It's pretty impressive what Denon have achieved here with the much improved build and seems to be a flatter sound than the Fostex at very reasonable price for the current headphone flagship market. Thanks in advance.
I would have the Zero with me. Shame that my list was not updated on the first page.
Pre-ordered at their lower price even. Legit. I have got all the main endings already. :D
I am all for a post meet dinner. Is that already planned?
My Thinkpad at work is rekt with a ded HDD. Annoying.
Impedance is a complex unit. It will change depends on the frequency and load on the amplifier. But in general high impendance headphones are less picky about the source output impedance. At least in my opinion, there really shouldn't be a law in terms of how much electrical damping is "enough", amplifier limitations aren't always limited to the frequency domain either. As an engineer, lower impedance is better if "synergy" isn't the issue. If the pairing sounds good...
Output impedance at 2 Ohms is not considered low. Most amp designed with regards to output impedance are almost always sub 1 ohm.
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