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One of the song I nearly always play when trying different headphones. lol.
Cost me £35 here in UK. I haven't received it yet, but I have had it before and quite like it myself.
Bought a bottle of Yamazaki 12 years. No money for better ones.
Boris, you should use the speakers instead.
So is he on Abyss, Roxanne? Seems very much loaded. lol.
Find them IM03, so good. CKR9/10 if you are feeling adventurous.
It certainly looks nice in the shot. UERM is a mighty capable CIEM, wonder how they will compare, if they compare at all...
Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the updated AI is a good road rage simulator. I got run off the road by raging AI truck or just people in cars trying to suicide into a 40 ton truck.
I much prefer the other design, the one for Monet and "stop blasting music" campaign.     100x more kawaii.
Haven't done it ever, I guess I should. International maybe.
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