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Thank god there is Bakuon...
Pretty meh. Chris Evans shouldn't be the main host. Chris Harris is on Top Gear... not in the actual show, but on the behind the scenes "Extra Gear"... Seriously?
Neutral is a term that get overused and with the wrong implication that neutral is what a music playback device should sound like.   The Zero is certainly on the warm side, but it is very natural sounding and easily enjoyable in a noisy environment. A flat IEM without bass boost, even with great isolation will sound bright in a noisy bus. LF noise will more readily leak through the seals and even with perfect sealing at the ear, the rest of your body will pick the sound...
Glorious 3DR rating too.
The song is remastered and fixed in her newest album. And the new album is glorious.
I just don't stack them on top of my player. I had far bigger portable stacks that I daily back in the days.
I disagree with my Honda but do carry on.
I can't wait to see how much EU is gonna get screwed over when 1080 hits the market.
Giri ai...
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