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You certainly haven't touched it once then. Just being Alps pot that looks like a RK27 doesn't feel like that...
Meme reddit phone.
I believe the whole point of Mojo and now Poly is that smartphone is extremely widespread and powerful enough. It will be reasonable to use your smartphone as the interface instead of building a player with screens and controls.  I would love to see how the SD reader portion of the Poly and how it is controlled before passing any judgements.
 It is converted at Mojo, the same way when a wired connection is used.  Remember that Mojo only have Digital inputs...
Erm, I don't know where you get that idea. But MQA encoding and Chord using FPGA instead of off the shelf DAC chips are totally unrelated.
Still available!
Seriously check out the Ayayayayayaya and even the Air if you 334 and above are pushing your budget. They are every bit as interesting to listen to imo. Monet17, I am not really a fan of myself, ymmv.
Only really touched on ASIC design on old 130 nm+ process. I wonder how much do the new ones differs, must be massive.
FitEar Ayayayayayayayaa, 333, 334 or if you like moar bass 335DW. Noble Katana Custom Art Pro330v2 Audio Technica IM02,  IM03 Oriolus
 Poi to make people confused!
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