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Get custom?
I don't see why people are so disappointed about the Z4. It looks just like the Z line perfected with latest 64bit 810 and solid specs without any flaps needed. Nothing wrong with it at all.
Sorry to anyone looking forward to hear the A2000X, I have recently sold it to a friend and won't be in.
The UBW Illya fight scene was much better than I expected. The overall execution was much better.
Well, many Steam games are lower than $5USD each so that makes sense.
Bought a pre-order package with Yuubari. I know I am going to like it, been watching streams and videos of it quite a bit and I really like what I saw there.In game, the balance is half decent and you don't really feel that underpowered when you are in the bottom tier compare to games like World of Tanks. HP does not magically double every tier, are in a destroyer, moving to tier X does not grant you magical bullet sponge ability, etc. Only things I really don't...
Been playing so much World of Poi, totally forgotten everything else.
Impossible, it is brand new! With extra purple.
I think I am one of those overkill people that carry a PD35 everyday.
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