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I should sell my STAX setup. It haven't been in use for such a long time.
I can't believe that I have missed a whole new chapter for Eromanga-sensei... Time for reading.
I can easily recommend the BTG Starlight if you like the base sound signature of the 334 but wanted a more comfortable cable. Being a SPC cable, it does bring out slightly more treble too.
Awesome. 200GB microSD is around the corner now. In case 128GB microSD isn't enough to hold all that FLAC on your phone.
Stop working for Earsonic. :P
Poor Peko, half the stolen works are from Peko...
Thank god that second season of Kiniro Mosaic is coming up... Too much Kongo to keep me reminded of it...
It is one of the better schitty show this season.
Don't get phone cases other than used in Samsung... Get one of the most expensive and nicest feeling phone out there, proceed to put a cheap case around the damn thing so you can't feel it. Great.
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