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My favourite summer mikusic. Perfect song for perfect weather lie-in.
That gate thing is pretty cool. I found it odd to place unarmoured HMV right behind the armour spearhead made of obsolete tanks. With their SPG so close by too. And APCs behind.If that is Wargame, that would be a trash force just to act as meat shield with the proper main force with modern equipment and IFVs actually doing the work.Kudos for a proper command vehicle.
I found the same, granted it was going up against far more expensive headphones. Don't get me wrong, they are in no way lacking but it just lacks the certain quirks that makes it special. It doesn't make anything sounds better or worse unlike my other headphones, which seems to enhance the music in their own way. For the price, I would say they are the best overall you can get however.
At least it actually sounds good.
Plastic memoires ended pretty well. Shame about that one arc that let everything down.
Are you searching for home use headphones or for portable use?
What is that hype...
Yet you own a SA5k. :P
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