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Just decided to get my car's loose door handle fixed, some idiot decided to back into my car at the car park. So more repairs to do...
I doubt it will have more than the Ultrasone Edition 5. In a good way that is...
Ckr10 is the one that is bassy, the CKR9 is a more neutral sounding, at times a bit bright.
Any chance that the whole TH-X00 lineup will be present at CanJam London?
TH-X00 Ebony now. Ordered the Nep, haven't even heard any of the X00 series yet.
RHA S500 for only £19.95, 40% claimed better hurry.   https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015YBFFNQ/   Prime day deal.
I have this problem ever season, I kinda wait for some sort of reviews before I even try the first episode on the brand new shows.
I would much like this forum thread to be free of any political discussions, people are sensitive about this topic and it should be discussed else where.
Do you have your phone stuck on or close to your Mojo when listening?
New Posts  All Forums: