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Don't forget your gloves!
Would be great to have it, please. :D
There is MH334SR upgrade now too...
Have you tried the Audio Technica IM03?That have quite a nice sound tuning at the price range.Noble savant should be also considered if you can grab a used one at around 500USD.
I will polite disagree with those. For more budget, you can also look at the Noble Savant and Audio Technica IM30. CKR10 and CKR9 are very interesting too but won't recommend it unless you have other IEM in the mix.
Good schiit the Zero is.
I would certainly say they have a warm tilt too, in fact pretty much ideal in real world usage due to low frequency noise leaks through much more easily. It helps to make the IEM sounds good even with loud ambient noise like traffic.
It's killing me and trying to keep my breakfast in my mouth.
I would say the Zero have warm bass and smooth treble. It is just not crazy basshead level.
Normal i7 Ivy still won't cut it down much. Maybe down to a minute. 64bit client seems faster though.
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