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Not hoping for much here as i've barely seen any listed besides the snowball. If you have one you don't use, I will buy!
Grill foam?
I had the DT990 premium before 600ohm. They were light as a feather and comfy and came with great stuff. Other than that I was not really impressed and didn't keep them more than a month or two, too many issues for me. Some people had said they had good bass but even though they are open I thought it was as weak as could be. They never made music very exciting, but the MAIN KILLER was that harsh treble spike they have on the upper end. Not sure if everyone is sensitive to...
Ha yes I saw that years ago, not a bad solution (if you can even find one like that). The hex grill is really fancy though, but i'd like to see what other finds are out there. You have a point, I thought I heard that the O2 with the gain button on and cranked had noise or distortion issues? Not sure if that's true or not but I do remember being able to bottom out the asgard and hearing no difference or noise compared to low levels.
Yeah I went to the asgard in the first place because the amp on the Asus Essence was not quite loud enough with the eq on. The asgard was fine though and maybe the O2 is too, who knows.
Wish you had posted in my thread about this! only would that push me off my chair, but it looks like a massager and yikes that price!    The Buttkicker gamer is still one of the cheapest/best solutions i've found now that they are making them again. $150 gets you everything and mounting is simple. What ISN'T simple however is isolating all the vibration that it transfers to the floor! Still am... found it! A little pricey, but I don't see a lot of cheaper alternatives, i'm all ears if someone finds one. Thanks for your insightful contribution btw, Diamondears, everyone loves reading that stuff.
Ok man, where did you get the hex material for the grill?!
Well guess I can't do better than the Asus Essence/Schiit Asgard I had before...oh well.  That is perfection right there.
I have a slightly crazy idea, I'm going to try and cut up my $60 worth of Sorbothane pads.   Each one is 4" squares, so I could get four ones out of one pad and stack them on top of each other and take my wheels off and put them on top of that!   This would give me 2" of Sorbothane and I would imagine this would be as good as those rubber feet Matthew mentioned, got to be worth a shot   EDIT: Lol that worked about as well as I expected, it's too unstable and just...
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