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I REALLY hate self-promotion, but I have one of these for sale for $125 (ST PCI model), I posted it in the amplification FS forum, but there isn't really a good section to put it under. I'm sure someone wouldn't mind a cheap one anyway, they have only gotten more expensive for used ones on amazon since I got mine :(
Pretty much brand new, has all the discs mint in cases and art book in box. One of the best animated series ever period.
Had this card for under a year now and sad to let it go as it's been my standby headphone amp/dac for quite some time.I think it's fully comparable to something like the schiit asgard. Card is still in pretty good shape (has been in my PC this whole time and only been plugged back in once) and does come with original box, i'll even throw in my RCA to 1/8" jack adapter if you want it. You won't find a better deal than this for a amp/dac/soundcard/pre-amp solution. Buyer...
These are new and have only had a few hours of use, great cans and pass the bass test very well! Comes with box and 3/4" jack. I paid a lot more for these so I would say there is a deal to be had here!
Bought these last month off a Head-fier who bought them brand new very recently and had modded them with dampening in the cups to cut down on the vibration (he did a very good job I must say, bass is well controlled). comes with everything it did new save the box, and everything is in excellent shape. These will be the first headphones i'm selling on here that I have NO issue with sonically, I love them; just need the cash for now.   Not sure what you can see in the...
sold just before you messaged, sorry
I'll keep those in mind, but i'd prefer non-beyer for now   typo, meant to lower it.
That is a pretty solid trade, unfortunately I got the bass bug again and that won't itch it :P
Got these from another head-fier who had them about six months, I have owned them for about two, have not seen a ton of use. The pads are still soft and have quite a bit more life, but I would suggest black velour pads myself. Comes with original box/leathercase.
These are the Revision 2 btw, the kind without any defects.
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