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Interested in your thoughts on this DAC!  You can post over at the Havana thread:   Congratulations, you saved a lot of money, a ton of man hours, and possibly a few months/years on your life avoiding inhalation of all the solder fumes.  ;)
 Good work!  You can buy the Malaysian K grade chips from Mouser: There have been several reports of Chinese fakes on eBay, I would avoid.  If you want the best sound, the Japanese K grade chips are where it's at.  I think the way to ensure authenticity is to buy an old CD player and pull them.
 It works, but it's not great.  I think a USB-SPDIF converter is money well spent, but it wouldn't be my first priority.  Tubes, then the big output caps first IMHO... the the laundry list goes on and on.  A good glass TOSlink cable like the Wireworld Supernova series is a good interim solution if one can't go direct SPDIF.
 Gotta say that's the first time I've heard that before, lol.  I do think the 6N3P-DR is underrated though and it is up there on my list. I rotate b/w AEG, Bendix 6385, and Bendix 2c51 depending on music and mood.  AEG I think is the most well-defined with good tonal balance but a little thin by comparison, 6385 (overall favorite) big deep sound with great bass but not as rich and warm as 2c51, 2c51 richest but can be a little closed in by comparison with a little less...
They have not gotten a lot of use.  <1000 hours, as stated.  Price lowered.
Bought these about a year ago to use at work and hardly was able to.  Probably under 100 hours on them.  I only used the flange tips that come on them and have washed them.  All original accessories and box are included.  There is a little sticker goo on the sides of the case.   SOLD
Whoever buys this is getting an insanely good deal!  After going through many DACs, a couple in the $5k range (Berkeley 1/2, PWD 2), I have had two similarly modded Havanas for a couple years and have no intention of looking further.
I bought these several years ago but they have mostly been lying around.  1000 hours of use is a conservative estimate, but likely much less.  Some of the paint on the ear cups lettering is faded away as shown in the photo.  Otherwise they are in great shape.  They have new L-cush pads that have less than an hour on them.   $130 SHIPPED in the USA $140 Canada
 You can use 0.47 uF instead of 2.2 uF with no ill effects.  I believe it was Robeeert1 who discovered this with V-Cap CuTF so several of us went with it.  Sounds great!
0.47 uF should fit.  They are smaller in diameter and length than V-Cap CuTF, which many of us have used.
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