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 Thank you for this; I will move on then.  It's disappointing to say the least.  If I'm going to use headphones outside with compromised sound quality then I expect to pay a compromised price.  Looking pretty and feeling solid is all good and well, but I am much more about function over form.
 I don't understand this comment.  They are both for listening to music, no?  I too am interested to know how they compare to higher end Sennheisers.  I have HD600s, which I enjoy very much, as well as HD598s.  Had a pair of Grado SR-225i, which were fatiguing, and Audeze LCD-2, which sounded excellent but too heavy.  I love the sound of SF speakers (had Cremona Auditors and Auditor M) and am very interested in these cans if they are in the same league sonically as HD600s.
 Correct.  Splice both neutral wires of different color in the middle, so it's like 18 00 18
Here are the complete instructions for R-core installation:   Make sure you read a few posts down in the 2nd link.   This is my parts list for the connectors and terminals that go in them:       The 2nd number in each line item is the manufacturer part no.  Don't worry if the pictures you see in the Mouser product page don't...
Nice cans. Close to my HD 600s, maybe even more cohesive sounding.  I bought a second pair for the office but found myself too busy working to even open them!  Price includes shipping to US and Canada.  Other countries, will have to calculate the extra cost.
For sale is an Almarro A205A Mk II SEP integrated amplifier that puts out 5 watts per channel.  It is in excellent condition, easily 8/10.  It was custom made with a 3rd RCA input on the right hand side and has 2 headphone outputs: one rear 1/8" and one on the left 1/4" and has a white finish.  The coupling caps were replaced with top level VCap CuTF copper teflon ($175) and the cheap binding posts were replaced with WBT 0703 gold plated copper alloy ($175).  Each of these...
For sale is a Weiss INT203 firewire to SPDIF converter in excellent condition, a conservative 8/10.  Sonically it is exactly the same as the INT202, but it is bidirectional and does analog to digital conversion as well (great for ripping vinyl!).  I have had a JKSPDIF MkIII, Audiophilleo, Wavelink HS and this bests all of them.  Big, detailed, smooth and natural sound.   It comes with an Oyaide Neo d+ 1 meter firewire cable, which I paid $100 for.  IMO it is mandatory if...
Interested in your thoughts on this DAC!  You can post over at the Havana thread:   Congratulations, you saved a lot of money, a ton of man hours, and possibly a few months/years on your life avoiding inhalation of all the solder fumes.  ;)
 Good work!  You can buy the Malaysian K grade chips from Mouser: There have been several reports of Chinese fakes on eBay, I would avoid.  If you want the best sound, the Japanese K grade chips are where it's at.  I think the way to ensure authenticity is to buy an old CD player and pull them.
 It works, but it's not great.  I think a USB-SPDIF converter is money well spent, but it wouldn't be my first priority.  Tubes, then the big output caps first IMHO... the the laundry list goes on and on.  A good glass TOSlink cable like the Wireworld Supernova series is a good interim solution if one can't go direct SPDIF.
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