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 You can use 0.47 uF instead of 2.2 uF with no ill effects.  I believe it was Robeeert1 who discovered this with V-Cap CuTF so several of us went with it.  Sounds great!
0.47 uF should fit.  They are smaller in diameter and length than V-Cap CuTF, which many of us have used.
 My vote would go to Rike Audio S-Caps.  The depth of detail and separation and dynamics are incredible, and the tone is very natural as well.  The details do not come in the form of harsh, overly-highlighted highs, as some might fear from such a description.  It is a very well-balanced cap.  Exactly the injection the stock Havana needs, in my opinion.
 I used 600V 2A from Mouser: That value is referenced as viable somewhere in this thread.  Works for me.
 So use a turntable?  They are still around...
Price drop - 1 day only.
  Put these babies in this morning.  Wow just barely fit them in!  Didn't cut any leads and had to snake them around tight spots.  I even had to rotate my tube dampener to make it fit.  I used blu tack to help with resonance since they were mostly floating/loose.   Horace is right.  Straight out of the box, very impressive!  I think this upgrade takes this DAC to the next level.  I was planning on putting the Auricaps in my other Havana, which still have stock 0.1uF...
Reopened - selling a second unit.  Pictures updated.
  Late delivery from Santa.     The big 10uF ones will go in Von Gaylord Legend speakers, bypassed with Audyn True Copper 0.22uF.
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