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I have a question.  I am seriously considering getting these cans with the silver dragon balanced cable as I am most likely getting a Woo22 in the future sometime.  I, however, only have the benchmark dac1 hdr for the time being.  If I get the cable terminated in a single 4pix xlr will I loose quality converting that back to single ended for the time being for use with my benchmark?  Also do you sell 4 pin xlr to single ended connectors? 
i have the dac1 hdr and the only two cans i use are the denon d7000's as well as the senn 650's... i find the dac1 is great with the denons but i am left to wonder if i am missing something with the 650's... i have not heard any other amps to be fair, but the denons are driven effortlessly whereas the 650's sound very good at times but i always wonder if more power would bring them out more... when i first bought my dac / amp i tossed a coin between the benchmark dac1 and...
they may be expensive but you get what you pay for... love mine!
has anyone tried it with the treasure tubes he offers as an upgrade ?
it looks very awesome
firefox b/c it's faster....
where are the pics?!
these cans are the ****!
deadmau5 - strobe
buy both and return one pair.... i did that and i ended up returning the 702 for the 650's
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