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I'm a current owner of ESW10 (3+ years). To me ESW11 failed to exceed in terms of both sound quality and physical beauty when comparing against the former portable flagship. Just my 2 cents though.
  I'm the one who should say FML. I jumped on the wagon of pre-ordering them ASAP from Japan last year and ended up paying more than $1400.
I can confirm that ESW11LTD share the same drivers with W3000anv. One of my friends went to AT's product launch press conference and one AT staff told him the aforementioned info.
Definitely one of the most epic threads I've ever read on Head-Fi. Mr. Mahler deserves a big round of applause! 
Could you please take a few pictures of the inside?
How is it possible that a thread about loudspeaker's design lacks mentioning of Bang & Olufsen?,9   Burmester never ceases to amaze me with their elegance. Simple yet refined design philosophy.
  Only 1 post... hmm
This looks interesting. Subscribed.    In terms of it's form factor, I'm very happy to see that Sony's industrial design is still topnotch. Being a designer myself, I can see the aesthetic logic underneath their product design. 
SOLD. thanks!
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