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I just got the X5 2nd generation yesterday and am loving it so far--it feels like it was made for someone who listens to music exactly like I do! I sync music to my player with a Python syncing script I wrote myself, which is supposed to generate the playlist files automatically. For this, I just worked out how to manually create playlists for the X5ii using the latest firmware (2.1), which I will record here for posterity.   A good deal of the guides I found on manually...
Very interested in this DAC. Can anyone with Linux comment on the experience of getting them to work with each other? My current HRT MusicStreamer II+ works perfectly when connected with no setup required and I just want to make sure the V800 will as well.
The Violectric V800 looks promising since transparency is my primary concern. One condition I forgot to mention is that the DAC must work with Linux as that is what my laptop runs. Will that be an issue with any of these DACs?
I guess I'm just nervous about putting anything unnecessary between me and my sound. How is it functionally different from a headphone amp if it has a volume control? (Or does the volume control only affect the built-in amp, another thing I wouldn't need?)   Is that DIY? I really don't want to make another case, cool though it may be... Do you mean like a USB to S/PDIF converter before the DAC?
Do I want anything with a volume control if I already have an amp?
With my current HRT Music Streamer II+ to β22 to HD800 chain, I feel I've just about reached the point on the diminishing returns curve where it's no longer worth it for me to keep upgrading--my final setup. (We'll see how long it stays "final", haha) I am supremely satisfied with my current headphones and homemade amp, so I'm just looking to upgrade my DAC--partly so I can have two complete headphone systems with one to lend, and partly because I think I can do better...
Note: I will be coming by bus (keeping my thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment safely concealed) and would appreciate not having to bring a table.
Well, I picked the right time to check if there was a headphone meet in Minnesota...and this time, I have a setup others will actually want to listen to! I can bring:   Sennheiser HD800 Sennheiser HD650 Sennheiser HD555 Sennheiser HD438 Sennheiser HD201 (I'm kind of a Sennheiser fan...) Beyerdynamic DT990 Audio Technica ATH-AD700   For amps: 3-board β22 Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball upgrade Objective 2 (this one is cabled to my desk at work so...
I would be interested now that I have some half-decent gear to show. I don't have a car, so my attendance would be dependent on being able to put my stuff in a suitcase and get there via public transportation.
Thanks, that backstory would have been helpful. I didn't realize there was such a debate going on. Could anyone explain why actively grounding the balanced channel might be detrimental? What if I only connected the active ground board to a single-ended channel and not to the balanced channel? (It would be kind of cool to build an amp with a bunch of internal switches to allow these different configurations to be easily AB tested)
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