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Can anyone give me a clue as to how old my RS1's are.They have no buttons and square rods.???
Hi,fellow RS-1 lovers.Just thought i would tell you my experiences with these phones. I think the magic is in the cups and not the drivers.I just bought a pair with a busted driver very cheaply.I have a pair of SR80i's that i have been using to try out billavideos mods,over the years. ie removed loin cloth and opened all the holes in the rear felt and blue tack on the magnet.Not used them since i got my 325i's and put on vibrolabs classic cups. Anyway,i cut out a driver...
 Can't decide which i prefer,the flats are good if you want a bit more bass,but i think at the expense of some detail.I tend to swap over with the original bowls depending on what i am listening to.
 You have to liberate the drivers to fit the Vibro cups.wrap them in foam tape and press in,same as the magnum driver.You just need a hacksaw,pliers and nerves of steel.
Hi,my SR325i's now..I am using TTVJ Flats on them at the moment.
 I put these on my SR325i's,plus their brown leather headband.They sound much better and look great....
I vote for a Neco Soundlab V3,i tried some 650's on mine and it drove them very well..Battery lasts forever with the uprated version.
OK,Give us a clue ,why have you taken the drivers apart.???
If you put the cups into a saucer of hot water the buttons will fall off and most of the glue as well. Glad my ,give it a push advise, worked.
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