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Please forgive me if you have already addressed this topic (I couldn't find anything by you on this), but what is your impression of:   MEElectronics M-Duo ...     Thank you.
Please be sure to check out my current favorite alternative rock band:   CHEVELLE   The following albums of theirs are especially awesome:     Hats Off to the Bull Vena Sera Sci-Fi Crimes Wonder What's Next   and also their Greatest Hits collection ...   Stray Arrows
Sansa Clip +, 8gb, Black, used but in excellent condition. Includes USB Cable, and Original Stock Earbuds. Price also includes PayPal Fees and USPS Shipping (within the US).
Cool, I'll look into that. Thanks.
Joker,   Do you (or anyone else here) happen to know of a good aftermarket tip to use on the id America Spark? Comply doesn't list this brand/model in their Tip-Finder menu.   The nozzles on these IEs are larger than a lot of others, but I am not really too impressed with the stock tips which came with these phones.   I wonder if there might be an appreciation thread here at Head-Fi for this earphone. The SQ sure does seem to be very impressive.     Thanks.
These are in Like New condition. I've had them about a month now, and have not used them much at all in that time frame. Everything that came with them will be included.   PayPal USPS --- Flat Rate Priority, with Tracking and Insurance.   Any questions, concerns, or interest, please PM ...     Thanks!
I realize that this thread is over a year and a half ancient now, but I have absolutely GOT to chime in. I just received a pair of these for Christmas, and am absolutely blown away.   I don't think I've heard anything previously that sounded this good right out of the box. I can only imagine what they will sound like after a decent bit of burn-in      Two thumbs up to id America ...
I've decided to put my MTPGs up for sale. These are in EXCELLENT working condition.   Everything you see in the pics is included ... USPS only within the US, and PayPal for payment.
 Sorry for the duplicate post ... I think the Firefox browser doesn't like this website
 I just discovered them not too long ago, and have found that their music and overall sound is very addicting to me. I'd consider them my favorite band right now ... And they will be coming out with a new studio album soon, as well ... I'm awaiting that with great anticipation
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