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I was wondering if anyone here has ever done an A - B Test between V-Moda XS and Beyerdynamic Tesla T 51 p?   If so, what were/are your impressions? Primarily in terms of overall SQ, Sound Sig, SoundStage, etc ...   Thanks!
I see. Thanks for clearing that up. So, which one is better between the S400 and the S500 then? I just acquired the S400 from someone here, and am liking the sound pretty well so far. But I DO feel that a source player better than an iPhone will also eventually help, but I realize that this has nothing to do with this thread.
 Really? Why on earth would JVC or any other company like that propose to produce a lower/lesser iteration version of higher quality materials than the more advanced iteration of the same item?
Willing to buy a set of excellent condition JVC-HA S400 Carbon NanoTube On-Ear Portable Headphones.   Let me know if you have some you are willing to part with.   Thanks.
Slightly used, but still in excellent fully-functional condition ... Some of the original printed lettering has faded from off of these however, this in no way affects the functionality or the SQ in any way ... Just the earphones, a selection of stock tips, and a grey plastic carrying case.  Price includes PayPal and USPS Shipping within ConUS.
Id America Sparks up for grabs. Still fairly new ... In great working and cosmetic condition. No original packaging, but all of the stock tips included ...   Price includes everything ...
I have yet to see any earphones in this ad ...
Has anyone here ever done an A-B Comparison between these and the MEElec HT-21's (preferably the new 2nd Gen edition which was just released recently)?   I am thinking about getting either one or the other ... But then again, maybe I should just get BOTH, and decide for myself 
I understand that the HT-21 has been 'upgraded' to a 2nd gen edition. Does anyone have an opinion (good, bad, or neutral) as to whether they are as good or better than the first edition? Reason I'm asking is because I received an email coupon to get them for a steal ($20) ...
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