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Comply T-200 Foam Tips, lightly used, but still quite useful and functional ...   All you see in the pic will be yours ...   PayPal GIFT, and Free US Shipping (no original packaging included) ... Please PM if interested ...   Thanks
I would be careful about purchasing hi-fi equipment listed on eBay from International sellers --- especially if they are from the Orient. A lot of those sellers are peddling fake items.   If shopping on eBay, I would strongly advise you to stick with US sellers only.   Just my 2 cents ...
You said they sound great amped ... Do you happen to know how these sound when run directly out of an iPod or MP3 Player, without being amped?
Got some budget IE's up for grabs ... 80 hours of burn-in is about all the use they've had ... They seem to offer a rather warm sound sig, clean and tight (bass and especially mid-bass are emphasized somewhat, but its not muddy at all - very tight in fact). Lots of silicon tips will be included ... Please PM if interested ... Thanks!
Got some new budget IE's up for grabs ... They've had around 80 hours of burn-in and now display a very warm, clean, tight, intimate sound ...   Three sets of tips included (S, M, & L) ... Price includes Shipping within the US (no original box or packaging will be included) ... PayPal GIFT ... Please PM if interested ... Thanks
My own personal favorite one to use is one from the iTunes App Store, called Audio Sizzler - Audio Burn-In, by CubitCreations Limited
Don't suppose you'd entertain a straight TRADE for these ...
So, out of curiosity, what in the world are you selling for only $50? EDIT: Never mind, my mistake. I didn't read the ad very carefully, sorry.
UE 500 In-Ear Earphones lightly used, still in excellent condition ... I'm selling these so I can get a good Portable On-Ear to replace them with. I already know I'm going to miss the wonderful SQ and awesome soundstage of these UE's, but I just want something with a different form factor at the moment.   Aside from a few spots where the lettering has faded a little, they are in excellent condition, and sound awesome ...   Six sets of tips included (all the ones you see...
We're speaking in terms of EUR to USD, it would actually be well into the $2,000 range, would it not?But nevertheless, point well taken --- especially when you consider that you can very well buy a brand new Clip+ for around $50.00 (again, USD).
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