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 Cool. Thanks for the info, I was not aware that they are the size shields.Yes, that actually is a great price for those. Not sure about right now though ... I am just now starting to work again ... Was off there for awhile over a 9 day stretch, and have kind of been in and out of full time permanent employment. Hoping this will change though, as I have 2 interviews for later this afternoon   Thanks for this heads-up though ... I might just look into that ... I hope its...
Do you happen to know if those same matte blue shields are available for the M-80s also?   I owned the M-80s previously, and would like to purchase another set. I'm still kicking myself for getting rid of my first pair 
I bought these from someone here at Head-Fi. There is nothing wrong with them. They are in very good (used) condition aside from the usual signs of regular wear and tear one would ordinarily expect from a slightly used item such as this (hopefully you can see some of this in the pics). And they sound really great, too. But I have one issue with them ... I wear glasses, and these headphones create fatigue by pressing the metal frames against my ears and temples after just a...
Very cool. Thanks very much, I'll check that out ASAP ...
Interestingly I just found another great answer to this question here:     http://www.cnet.com/products/v-moda-xs-headphones/2/
Anyone tried a side-by-side comparison of just the M/V - 80 vs XS yet?   Sorry if this has already been covered in a previous post.
Thanks, that's a great answer, exactly the type of response I was hoping to receive. I have less of an interest in a clear midrange than I do bass and treble. I would not rate myself a 'basshead', but I DO want to hear it (and I dare say even feel it) when its there. I don't want anemic-sounding bass in my earphones or headphones. But I also want to have good crystal clear highs with lots of sparkle and no sibilance. I don't like hearing highs that sound veiled or that...
Hi,   Would you possibly consider adding reviews of V-Moda XS and Beyerdynamic Tesla T 51 P anytime soon, please?   Thanks!
I was wondering if anyone here has ever done an A - B Test between V-Moda XS and Beyerdynamic Tesla T 51 p?   If so, what were/are your impressions? Primarily in terms of overall SQ, Sound Sig, SoundStage, etc ...   Thanks!
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