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How long have you had these, and how much use have they had since you got them?   Are you the original owner?     On a side-note, what do you think of the overall SQ of these?     Thanks.
Up for grabs a slightly used set of red & blue-themed ID America SPARK In-Ear Earphones. Fully functional and in fantastic Like-New condition. Just the earphones, a selection of tips, and a cylindrical-shaped snap-close carrying case. No original packaging included. PayPal and USPS ...
I have an Apple iPod (5th gen, 16 gb, PINK) up for grabs, in very good condition (with the exception of a few very light dings and knicks which are difficult to see unless you're looking for them).Device is fully functional, holds a charge, works great, and (as previously stated) is still in extremely great cosmetic condition. Just the iPod and a clear plastic case are being offered. No earphones or cables included. 
Red Apple iPod (5th gen, 16 gb) up for grabs. Fairly good condition with the usual expected signs of use (scratches, dings, and scuff marks). Still fully functional and works just fine.
Up for grabs a slightly used pair of black JVC HA-S 400 over-ear headphones. Fully functional and in fantastic condition. That odd-looking thing you see on the left-side earpiece (near the JVC logo) is just a reflection --- and not a smudge of any kind. But despite this, there are some scratches and smudge-type marks on these, as they certainly are somewhat used, and not brand new. I'd either be interested in a straight sale of the item, or possibly a trade ... Yes, if...
 Will removing the dust filters open up the sound any? Also, should the burn-in take place with the new pads on, or does it matter (I know it might be a stupid question, but I wasn't sure if burn-in had any effect on the pads, themselves).
   Crap, I wish someone had told me this before I went and bought a pair with the silver rings on it. Or ... Could it just be a load of BS
Thanks for that.
Forgive me for referecing a two-year-old quote here, but can someone please tell me where I can purchase these two earpads ... I checked eBay, and feel rather confident that I can get the K81DJ on there ... But am clueless as to where to get the AT Pleather ... Also, if anyone knows of any other pads which work well with the HA-S400s, please chime in ... Thanks!  PS ... I would also most certainly welcome any posts of people who would like to give step-by-step instructions...
New Posts  All Forums: