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Wow, only 15 minutes at a time, huh? I have read so many differing views on this topic. The guy who put out the free generator that for the link which I posted above suggests 2 hours at a time, with 30 minute breaks in-between.   Crap, you've got me concerned, now because I just had my new Vibes going on pink noise for much longer than 15 minutes   Anyway enough about the burn-in stuff, hope I'm not beating a dead horse here
For those who were concerned about paying for pink noise samples 3 years ago (much earlier in this thread, obviously), here is a link to a site where you can download a FREE generator (which also happens to play white noise, as well as some particular frequency sweeps & pure test tone, too):   http://www.burninwave.com/generator_dl.htm     EDIT:  I wouldn't use this option at this point now. Someone has hacked into that site, and infected it with a very...
@BennyBoy: Not to change the subject, but hey I really like your profile pic. Also thought I'd comment on a few of you who have placed the Vibes on your lists. . .glad to see that. I just invested in a pair, and was actually not happy with them until just a day or 2 ago, but after giving them a 2nd chance with a little more burn in time, I can really start hearing the overral SQ warm up quite a bit.
These are now unavailable. Bumbity bump bump bump, whatever the heck that means
I have a pair of V-Moda Vibes which I received last week. I am hoping to either sell or trade them for something else. I have given them no more than about 50 hours of burn-in since I received them. They are, for all intents and purposes in 'like new' condition. I paid $60.00 for these a week ago, and bought them directly from the V-Moda website, and I am asking the same for them. I'm not really that concerned about how much (or how little) one can get them for on...
Haha --- Well, that's cool. At least you're in the same category with everyone else here who can actually afford to own the CK10's. Last time I checked, I seem to recall they were being sold retail in between $230 - $350. A little bit out of my price range, to say the least
OK, well obviously my experience stems from less than a $200 IE budget. So, here goes: 1 Sennheiser CX500 2 Monster Turbine Pro 3 Bose TriPort (except for the fact that they do NOT cancel ambient noise, they actually sound pretty impressive, IMHO) 4 Creative EP630 5 V Moda Vibes (still waiting to see if these warm up after burn-in) 6 Monster Turbine
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