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I appreciate that, Ephitless. I have owned and listened to a few other IE's in the very recent past, including Bose IE's, Sennheiser CX500's and Creative EP630's. The Bose provide absolutely NO seal whatsoever, so I will never own another pair of them (sold them on eBay about a year ago). The CX500's and EP630's both offer phenomenal sound (the bass that the CX500's offer has remained pretty much unsurpassed until now, IMHO, but I gave the CX500's to my wife recently ---...
Well, maybe its a bit late for this response (been a couple months ago now, but, anyway. . .). . .so what's the verdict. . .which one wins the contest between the Denon C551's and the Klipsch Image S4's?
Well, I appreciate that advice. But to be honest, my price range unfortunately does not go up that high (for me to consider the IE8's --- I just read that one can fork out anywhere between 300 to 400 dollars, retail for those cans. Were my budget a little more allowing, I'm sure I would consider them, though. Right now, I am reading up on some reviews of both the S4's and the Turbines (by users here at this website). My budget is basically no more than about a hundred...
I appreciate your info regarding this. I own a pair of the Pros, and although they do indeed have a very warm presentation over the entire audio spectrum, however, I still think that the bass could be a bit more punchy. Here (with the Pros) it is there, but a bit laid back. It mixes in great with the other frequencies, but sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, IMHO. So, I am most likely going to try either the original Monsters or the Klipsch Image S4's next. . . Thanks!
Are these still available, tstarn?
Dobber, Right now I've got my eye on the Klipsch Image S4. . .how do think the Turbines and the Turbine Pros would measure up against the overral sound of these, or have you ever compared them against the Klipsch?
Yes, you're right. . .I own my own pair as well. The sound is phenomenal, you're right about that. Thanks for you in-depth review of them!
Hey All, I was wondering if someone out there wouldn't mind running a comprehensive comparison of the Monster Turbines vs. Turbine Pros vs. Sennheiser CX500's. It would be much appreciated. I'm really most interested in a comparison between the original Turbines vs the CX500's. But all 3 would be great. Thanks!
@Revolink24: Well, I like a lot of his earlier stuff too. I believe that it was during the '60s and '70s that he had the greatest influence on the world, but that's not to do away with the great things he accomplished later on, in the '80s, such as Infidels and Oh Mercy (Empire Burlesque is weaker, but I do like a lot of his "Christian" songs from the early '80s though --- how can you not like Caribbean Wind, Grooms Still Waiting at the Altar, Heart of Mine, Every Grain...
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