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How much use (break-in) had your Beat/Tours had prior to this comparison? Were the Beats already burned-in, and which Tour/Beats are you referring to, the IE's or the OE's?   Also, did you use the exact same song sample, at the exact same volume level, using the exact same source --- all for this comparison you did? What type of iPod are you using? Was the sound level the same for the song(s) you are listening to for the comparison --- if not, go back and re-create...
EDIT:  SOLD     FOR SALE:   A used pair of UE700 IE's. These have probably had between 200 and 250 hours of use (they were burned-in for about 200 hours, but really haven't had that much use apart from that, as far as I can recall now). They are in "LIKE NEW" condition. They still sound wonderful, and everything will be included with them (all 5 pairs of white silicon tips, as well as 2 pairs of Comply Tips, original Logitech packaging, and original UE carrying...
Hi,   I have a question for anyone who either owns or knows much about a 6th generation iPod Nano (8gb). I am wondering if someone can please let me know what the ACTUAL storage capacity of one of these 8gb devices is (with nothing loaded on it except the original firmware).   Reason I ask is, I own a Touch (4th gen, 8gb), but am wanting to buy a Nano just for my music (and nothing else). I know for a fact that the Touch, though stated as an 8gb, only ACTUALLY...
I agree with you about James Taylor's 'Fire And Rain'. Good selection (for a very sad song). I remember listening to it one time, and REALLY feeling the pain he was expressing he was going through.   Bob Dylan has a lot of good material along these lines too. Pretty much everything on 'Blood on the Tracks' is like this, as well as a song on his 'Street Legal' album ('Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)')    
Another one worth mentioning is John Brown, also by Bob Dylan (a very rare song, which is available on his MTV Unplugged Live album (1995).   This is a very sad one indeed. As a matter of fact, if I'm not mistaken I believe even Dylan gets choked up while singing it at one point.   This song will absolutely tear you up on the inside, though.
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, by Bob Dylan (1963 or 64). It's rather lengthy. You have to bear with him as he tells a story. You need to listen to the entire story, and then the zinger is right at the end.
If its any consolation, I'm in the same boat with you. . .so I'd be doing the same thing (buying new ones), if mine ever broke, that is.   BTW - - - Are your RE0's still under warranty, by any chance? Sorry if you already answered this in an earlier post. But if so, you might try seeing if the company would send you a new pair.
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