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The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, by Bob Dylan (1963 or 64). It's rather lengthy. You have to bear with him as he tells a story. You need to listen to the entire story, and then the zinger is right at the end.
If its any consolation, I'm in the same boat with you. . .so I'd be doing the same thing (buying new ones), if mine ever broke, that is.   BTW - - - Are your RE0's still under warranty, by any chance? Sorry if you already answered this in an earlier post. But if so, you might try seeing if the company would send you a new pair.
I really like the RE0's (like many others here). But if you like a LOT of BLOATED BASS, then you might want to try something more along the lines of the following:   -Sennheiser CX500 (or CX300, which is the exact same thing as the CX500, but without the volume control on the cable (as far as I know this is true, but I could be wrong)). -Monster Turbines (or Monster Turbine Pro, either Gold or Copper).   The RE0's are more balanced, without the bass bloat, BUT. . .their...
OK, cool. . .yeah I'm in North GA, so it shouldn't be any problem.   Thanks!
  OK, yeah I think I understand what you're talking about. Let me ask you, do you think this adds to the overall SQ somewhat (of course, this must be a stupid question, right? I'm sure it must add to it, otherwise you wouldn't do it --- LOL)!!   I'll have to try that some time   @Mad Max:  That sounds like a plan (the Sony Hybrids, that is). . .do you know if one can purchase just the hybrid tips from Sony (or elsewhere, online)?   Thanks!  
Oh, wait a minute. . .when you say "smaller biglange tips", are you referring to the shure olive foam tips? Sorry, if I misunderstood you. But I thought you meant the small ones included with the RE0s'. . .sorry if I misunderstood you. But the ones that came with the RE0's are what I'm using though.   Maybe I should try the Shures?
I think you have a great point about not having the bass drown everything else out. My other pair of IE's (at the moment) are a pair of V-Moda VIBES. They pack a very good, strong 'punch' of bass for the money. But until I tried the UE-700's, I didn't know what I was missing in the other frequencies (from the VIBES). But for as great as the UE's might have been, I really wasn't all that impressed. I don't know, I was just missing something. They sound kind phony to me,...
Well, I've got to wonder if the ones who state such a hatred of these must either not be getting a good seal, OR they are so used to bass-heavy equipment, and are expecting these to be also. I am NOT a basshead, but I DO like to hear the bass when its there. So far these RE0's have not disappointed --- sure the bass could be a little more forward, but I don't really feel like I'm missing much, though. . .if anything maybe it was this balance that I've been looking for...
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