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That is a very cool-looking setup you have there. I really like the look of the DAP, with the brushed metal, and all. It certainly looks like a very durable player, but alas. . .the screen is SO tiny --- LOL. Such a tiny screen for such an otherwise durable DAP   The battery life sure is impressive, as well.  . .Thanks for sharing!!  
Sorry if this has already been asked (it might have me who asked it), but does anyone know how the Fuze+ compares with the Clip+ in terms of SQ. . .do you know if they both use essentially the same internal components to drive the sound?
So, by saying this, are you making the Clip+ out to be a good (high) quality mp3 player (are you a 'Clip+ fan')? Reason I ask is, I am leaning toward getting one of these very soon, (due in part to my budget at the moment).   Thanks!!
Gordon Lightfoot, 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald'           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vST6hVRj2A       Sorry if this happens to be a re-post of mine (guess I should have checked first).   Enjoy!
Thanks, man. I'll admit, I do feel somewhat pursuaded thus far, however I did go to the website (the other person posted). I see it shows a battery life of about 10 hours. Ouch. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but. . .just ouch.   But I'll certainly keep this player in mind, for sure!!          
@Achmedisdead:  Yeah, I was beginning to wonder about that (based on the stuff I've been reading about it). Thanks!   @Mukumi:  Thanks for that clarification. I appreciate that info.   @Kiteki:  I appreciate this info also. You can really learn a lot from this website (Head-Fi).         I'll check those links out soon!!     So, the Teclast T51, huh? I wonder how its SQ fares against that of the i9. . .any guesses? 
Thanks alot for your response(s).   As far as the Sony X goes, am I correct in stating that it is no longer in production? Also, is that a TouchScreen device? I am not really wanting another touchscreen device if I can avoid it. I've read about how some of them (if they are too overly sensitive) can skip to another song even while you leave the device sitting in your pocket, for example.    I've been doing a lot of reading up. So far, it is almost impossible to...
I appreciate that a lot. I am very well acquainted with Apple products. I am using a Touch 8gb (4th gen) right now. But for personal reasons I am considering selling it, and using the money to buy something much less expensive, which primarily just plays music. I could care less about a speaker, or an FM radio, or LOD, or video capabilities, or the ability to record my own audio. All I care about is being about to PLAY my music (preferably from a playlist, which I create...
I'd like to know if anyone who has posted in this thread has ever compared sound quality of any of the following:     Cowan iAudio 9 vs. Sony Walkman E Series vs. Sony Walkman S Series vs. Sansa Clip (+) vs. Sansa Fuze (+) vs. Creative ZEN/Mozaic Series vs. Sflo:2   Does anyone have an opinion of these, based (primarily) on overall SQ?   I use IEM's (exclusively), and listen to a lot of Classic Rock from the '60's, '70's, and '80's. I do not consider myself...
  Up for grabs, 4th gen iPod Touch (8 GB) in very good working condition (just a few scratch/scuff marks from normal use).   $150.00 (USD) PAYPAL ~~~ SHIPPED USPS PRIORITY FLAT RATE MAIL ~~~ CONUS   The Touch has been sitting in a hard-shell, black case for almost as long as I have owned it (I've had it since around the beginning of this year, and it was slightly used when I got it). I also have a reflective screen cover on this device, as well (which for the...
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