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My mistake, sorry. For some strange reason I thought it said "DAP".
What type of file and storage capabilities are you expecting or hoping for (8gb, 16gb, 32gb+, MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, etc, etc, etc)?   Also, what kind of "extas" would you want (FM radio, photo viewer, voice recorder, video display, etc)?     Are you partial to any specific brand name(s)?     Are you also expecting earphones/headphones to be included?     Thanks!
Liver Eggplant Mushrooms whenever they are baked or cooked in a gravy or sauce (otherwise I love mushrooms, like when they're on pizza or steak) Parmesan Menudo (sp?) Spam (Stuff Posing As Meat) Artichokes Squash Radishes Asparagus Cottage Cheese  
Figured I'd chime in here, as well. . .   Personally, I always try to avoid all manner of assorted varieties of those strange-looking berries and mushrooms whenever I'm out hiking in the woods.   Just thought that this would qualify as a good response to the question, "What foods won't you eat?"        (not to mention, anything I pull out of the fridge that's no longer recognizable, of course, but then again that would be a given)  
  Hi There,   I'm interested in finding out if anyone here might be up for a trade. I'd like to trade my Sony NWZ-E354 (Red, 8gb), say for either an 8gb Sansa Clip+, Fuze+, or a 6th edition iPod Nano.   The image is a stock pic, but it looks exactly like mine. I can email a pic of actual item though, just ask.   This Sony MP3 Player is still in LIKE NEW condition. I've had it for just a very short time now. It is still under warranty. It also has an...
I agree, its almost impossible to hear a distinct difference, unless of course you happen to own a set of earphones or headphones (or speakers) in the $500+ range, I suppose. I don't, so it doesn't bother me.   But I am looking forward to getting to try out the CrossFade M-80's, soon, though. Hopefully they won't be too revealing of poor-quality music files. Only time will tell.
LOL!!  Well, I'm kinda on a budget right now (sadly, not really a music budget at the moment, though). My library used to be much bigger way back in the day. I probably owned hundreds of dollars in vinyl, alone, but got rid of those a long long time ago.   But I'm slowly rebuilding. . .it takes time     BTW, I should also mention for clarification, my "library" is all in 256 kbps AAC files. I am sure that if I was to convert these all to LossLess files that it would be...
But it's only 4GB. . .how sad   That's about half of my iTunes library. Can it be expanded or "modded" to fit more than this?
Cool. Thanks
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