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My mistake, sorry. For some strange reason I thought it said "DAP".
What type of file and storage capabilities are you expecting or hoping for (8gb, 16gb, 32gb+, MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, etc, etc, etc)?   Also, what kind of "extas" would you want (FM radio, photo viewer, voice recorder, video display, etc)?     Are you partial to any specific brand name(s)?     Are you also expecting earphones/headphones to be included?     Thanks!
Liver Eggplant Mushrooms whenever they are baked or cooked in a gravy or sauce (otherwise I love mushrooms, like when they're on pizza or steak) Parmesan Menudo (sp?) Spam (Stuff Posing As Meat) Artichokes Squash Radishes Asparagus Cottage Cheese  
Figured I'd chime in here, as well. . .   Personally, I always try to avoid all manner of assorted varieties of those strange-looking berries and mushrooms whenever I'm out hiking in the woods.   Just thought that this would qualify as a good response to the question, "What foods won't you eat?"        (not to mention, anything I pull out of the fridge that's no longer recognizable, of course, but then again that would be a given)  
  Hi There,   I'm interested in finding out if anyone here might be up for a trade. I'd like to trade my Sony NWZ-E354 (Red, 8gb), say for either an 8gb Sansa Clip+, Fuze+, or a 6th edition iPod Nano.   The image is a stock pic, but it looks exactly like mine. I can email a pic of actual item though, just ask.   This Sony MP3 Player is still in LIKE NEW condition. I've had it for just a very short time now. It is still under warranty. It also has an...
I agree, its almost impossible to hear a distinct difference, unless of course you happen to own a set of earphones or headphones (or speakers) in the $500+ range, I suppose. I don't, so it doesn't bother me.   But I am looking forward to getting to try out the CrossFade M-80's, soon, though. Hopefully they won't be too revealing of poor-quality music files. Only time will tell.
LOL!!  Well, I'm kinda on a budget right now (sadly, not really a music budget at the moment, though). My library used to be much bigger way back in the day. I probably owned hundreds of dollars in vinyl, alone, but got rid of those a long long time ago.   But I'm slowly rebuilding. . .it takes time     BTW, I should also mention for clarification, my "library" is all in 256 kbps AAC files. I am sure that if I was to convert these all to LossLess files that it would be...
But it's only 4GB. . .how sad   That's about half of my iTunes library. Can it be expanded or "modded" to fit more than this?
Cool. Thanks
What version of Nano is that (sorry if you've already answered this earlier in the thread). Does this Nano have the Wolfson chip in it? And if so, did Woflson offer more or better EQ setting options than what you get in the Nano today?   What is it exactly that makes Wolfson chipset sound better than the others? For example, I am using a Sony Walkman NWZ-E354 (after having been an iPod user for many years). I find one of the advantages of the Walkman technology is...
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