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What kind of sound signature do these have?
What kind of sound signature do these have?
Well, I really appreciate the info about, and plug for the 272s ... But I think for right now I am going to go with the RE-0 at the moment. The Seller responded and is going to hold it for me until later this week when I get paid again...   But I will definitely keep the 272s in mind for future reference ... Who knows, maybe I'll buy them for myself as a Christmas present this year. I'm also going to go read /joker/ 's review of them (if he's posted one).     Thanks...
I owned the RE-0 a few years ago (when it was much more popular than it is today). I really liked it, but I think one of the sides gave out. I had bought it used from someone here as a matter of fact. He ended up giving me a a refund, and I sent them back to him because it wasn't long after I received then that this happened. But the sound (before the one side gave out) was phenomenal. And I just miss that sound, and would like to give them another try. I've got a...
No, I didn't know about that. Thanks for the info, but I think i might pass on that, and keep looking though.
Willing to buy at a reasonable price...
How long have you had these, and how much use have they had since you got them?   Are you the original owner?     On a side-note, what do you think of the overall SQ of these?     Thanks.
Up for grabs a slightly used set of red & blue-themed ID America SPARK In-Ear Earphones. Fully functional and in fantastic Like-New condition. Just the earphones, a selection of tips, and a cylindrical-shaped snap-close carrying case. No original packaging included. PayPal and USPS ...
I have an Apple iPod (5th gen, 16 gb, PINK) up for grabs, in very good condition (with the exception of a few very light dings and knicks which are difficult to see unless you're looking for them).Device is fully functional, holds a charge, works great, and (as previously stated) is still in extremely great cosmetic condition. Just the iPod and a clear plastic case are being offered. No earphones or cables included. 
Red Apple iPod (5th gen, 16 gb) up for grabs. Fairly good condition with the usual expected signs of use (scratches, dings, and scuff marks). Still fully functional and works just fine.
New Posts  All Forums: