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So, just for clarification (in case it hasn't already been addressed here), does anyone know if the M-Duo will be shrill or sibilant on the high end (even) after sufficient burn-in? Or will the treble sound crystal clear?
Yeah, I was interested in obtaining another pair of the REO recently, but not so sure now.   I'm currently burning in a set of Klipsch Reference S4 (In-Ears). If things work out the way I'm hoping, this will become my go-to set for the time being (paired with a RockBoxed Sansa Clip+) ... Time will tell if this proves to be a good idea or not, though
No, sorry I sold them on Amazon believe it or not (about a month ago or so).   But I believe you can get them on there for pretty cheap ... Check it out!!
What kind of sound signature do these have?
What kind of sound signature do these have?
Well, I really appreciate the info about, and plug for the 272s ... But I think for right now I am going to go with the RE-0 at the moment. The Seller responded and is going to hold it for me until later this week when I get paid again...   But I will definitely keep the 272s in mind for future reference ... Who knows, maybe I'll buy them for myself as a Christmas present this year. I'm also going to go read /joker/ 's review of them (if he's posted one).     Thanks...
I owned the RE-0 a few years ago (when it was much more popular than it is today). I really liked it, but I think one of the sides gave out. I had bought it used from someone here as a matter of fact. He ended up giving me a a refund, and I sent them back to him because it wasn't long after I received then that this happened. But the sound (before the one side gave out) was phenomenal. And I just miss that sound, and would like to give them another try. I've got a...
No, I didn't know about that. Thanks for the info, but I think i might pass on that, and keep looking though.
Willing to buy at a reasonable price...
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