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Interestingly I just found another great answer to this question here:
Anyone tried a side-by-side comparison of just the M/V - 80 vs XS yet?   Sorry if this has already been covered in a previous post.
Thanks, that's a great answer, exactly the type of response I was hoping to receive. I have less of an interest in a clear midrange than I do bass and treble. I would not rate myself a 'basshead', but I DO want to hear it (and I dare say even feel it) when its there. I don't want anemic-sounding bass in my earphones or headphones. But I also want to have good crystal clear highs with lots of sparkle and no sibilance. I don't like hearing highs that sound veiled or that...
Hi,   Would you possibly consider adding reviews of V-Moda XS and Beyerdynamic Tesla T 51 P anytime soon, please?   Thanks!
I was wondering if anyone here has ever done an A - B Test between V-Moda XS and Beyerdynamic Tesla T 51 p?   If so, what were/are your impressions? Primarily in terms of overall SQ, Sound Sig, SoundStage, etc ...   Thanks!
I see. Thanks for clearing that up. So, which one is better between the S400 and the S500 then? I just acquired the S400 from someone here, and am liking the sound pretty well so far. But I DO feel that a source player better than an iPhone will also eventually help, but I realize that this has nothing to do with this thread.
 Really? Why on earth would JVC or any other company like that propose to produce a lower/lesser iteration version of higher quality materials than the more advanced iteration of the same item?
Willing to buy a set of excellent condition JVC-HA S400 Carbon NanoTube On-Ear Portable Headphones.   Let me know if you have some you are willing to part with.   Thanks.
Slightly used, but still in excellent fully-functional condition ... The R has faded from the right earpiece, and the L is starting to deteriorate as well (but is still visible at this point). Also, the ue (logo) no longer displays at all on (the tops of either one of) the earpieces. But none of these issues affect the functionality or the SQ in any way ...
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