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I've got a pair of J.Fi's here, up for grabs. Excellent condition. And am also including several sets of tips and a carry case. These don't really sound bad at all...They actually sound really GREAT --- And there's a MIC included too!! Price includes USPS & PayPal.
Hello,   I'm not sure if this opportunity is still open, but I'd love to get to review a set of these earphones (anything but the P180 would be awesome). But preferably either the i285, P270, or P293 (or any combination or even all of these).   I have one headphone review here, the V-Moda Crossfade M-80:     I currently live in Chattanooga, TN, USA (North America)     Thanks!
Got these from someone here at Head-Fi recently. But I'm not really a fan of Over-Ears all that much, as I prefer On-Ears instead. As you can see from the pics these are in stellar condition. PayPal and USPS (Conus) included in price. I also have some Creatology foam bits, which can be used to block the bass ports. As well as a spare piece of foam which can used to make even more of these, if you're into that type of thing.   SOLD
Sold ... Payment Received
These have not had much use in the short time I've owned them. They sound fine and work great. Cosmetically they still in wonderful condition. Shoot me an offer via PM, and we'll go from there...
I bought these from someone here on December 28th of last year. At that time he claimed these only had about 60 hours on them. And I have not put much more on them since then. They have really just been sitting around for the most part. There's nothing wrong with them at all. Just not really my cup of java I guess. Price includes PayPal and Shipping. However only what you see in the pic is being offered. One set of tips and no packaging. UPDATE: I was recently able to...
Hello, Exactly what the title says. Device is used but in stellar condition. Price includes shipping in the Lower 48. PayPal only for payment. I'll even throw in a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason (buyer will pay return shipping). Thanks!
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