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Wonder if it will be better than t5p. Have tried t5p once, but didn't like it.
email sent
Please let me know where I can get a new one with 1000 in China, thanks =)
It's ridiculous...
Selling some brand new headphones...   RS-1i for 750 USD   Pro900 for 450 USD   I will be in Osaka from Nov. 8 to 13, prefer local pickup. pm me for more details. I have some feedback here and ebay in "tang_7312"   Nice day.
Will go to Osaka, Kyoto next month =) Looking for stores for headphone gears and CDs(classic rocks and classical) I've know Yodobashi and Bic Camera for headphone gears King Kong(?) for used CDs Any other suggestions??? Thanks for your help.
Nice work, Justion. Can't wait to know more!
Have tried SR71A, but not so good. Perhaps LISA III will do
Bought K701 from Jeremy. Fast shipping, nice seller.
I just got a SR-71A for my DT880 and RS1, SR325i and I am satisfied with this setup. I tried k702, but I guess they are not a good match.
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