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Thanks all. Happy Camper: The Bryston BHA-1 sounds perfect and the price for the version with the onboard psu is right at my preferred price point (1300 - 1400). I see on TTVJ there is a version without an onboard psu for 1100 but the external psu is 1700!?! So I wonder if there is audible difference and how much. There is an authorized vendor an hour away from me (without traffic...) so I might be able to bring my rig and do a test drive. project86: I have been...
Hello all it's been awhile... Anyway, I still love my D1 but am now on a search to find a great amp to pair it with to drive my LCD-2s. The Burson HA 160 doesn't do it for me in comparison to the D1 driving my Prodipe 8 speakers. It's caused me to rarely use my LCD-2s anymore as the quality gap is way too noticeable. I really don't want to read through thousands of pages (already did that here ) so I'm seeking guidance in this thread. I'm looking for something below $3k...
No I meant for my French speakers made in China... I actually have room for Maggies right now but acoustics-wise I think it would be a wash (using my Prodipe Pro 8s as "mid-field" so I'm sitting in the sweet spot give or take a few inches).
Oh yeah definitely! I was the same way. It's like buying superior gear once you do you cant go back.
I don't really listen to much bass-oriented music but all of my music really got an improvement after I added a sub. Didn't really expect it but I was pleasantly surprised by what I was missing. Of course YMMV.
Sweeeeeeeeet! I hate you edit: Oh and do you have a sub? Definitely recommend it!
Definitely. Concentrating on the amp section differences is the wise choice. Any other sonic differences aren't going to be as prevalent I'm guessing.
Lot of upcoming SACD releases that are gonna drain my wallet even more: Billy Joel - The Stranger (MoFi) (excited about this one!) plus some Ray Charles which I have never owned any of his music: The Genius of Ray Charles, The Genius Sings the Blues, Ray Charles and Betty Carter, Genius + Soul = Jazz, and Live in Concert (actually got the privilege to attend one of his shows in 2001 or 2002, blew my mind, that's when I understood the praise ) rest are Japanese SHM...
Lately I've been listening to a lot of Robert Johnson (as well as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lighnin' Hopkins, Son House, etc.) and I can't believe I haven't been listening to it all these years. No wonder it was so influential to future musicians. So simple but so sublime.
Sorry I forgot you already had the D1.Are you comparing the HPA sections?
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