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For sale two hdmi cables compatibles with 4k and 3D lenght 1 meter price includes paypal and shipping. thank you
I have some cd´s for sale: pop, rock, jazz, italian, etc. ask the list and prices: aldocavacece@sapo.pt 3€ each. depending on order, lower price for each cd no paypal fees. shipping: please ask(free to europe) thank you
we should organize an european álcool meet:wines, whisky, beers, cognac, ouzo,etc.etc.etc.i make my homemade limoncello!!!!45º of frozen lemon
i love this whisky but never tried the alba reserve.i´m curious
i believe you :-)
Beautiful place and stunning food.i want!!!somebody give me a ticket to my landopps.my great mystake.you spoke about S. francisco in CA.i thinked S. Francisco in Umbria(Italy)
a little help?
and supremus!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahah!!!
i saw.happy walpurgis to you.and to be supportive, i´m drunk!!!
O know cidra but walpurgis???
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