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finally arrived the burson v5i. installed and tried. well......i was, in the past, a set in the "high-end"guy. today, i´m more quiet and racional(my wallet sais thank you) So, apart jokes, the meaning is that today i have an entry level system but i really like it. when i ordered the v5i, i do not expect great things; probably a slight improvement but considering the price of the v5i, why not????? I state that i don´t believe in technological miracles, so i say that...
Old refined gasoline
I think the same. Too much large for xd-05
in my is gone nocturne of siouxie and the banshees. i had listen recently LOL
dreaming hot chiks
, drinking frozen limoncello
Thank you. I'm waiting mine...
falling like pigs
Last starship troopers
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