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i know that is not easy.for me is the same.
ITALIA rules!!! 
Stunning amplifier!!! What is this? cables with food?i can´t believe
i know, i know.also by us
really smart 
i want this rack!!!
i read your review again and i thought this: i know that you don´t like chinese stuffs but, today, brands like sennheiser and akg, that have shaped the history of headphones, seem to have lost the meaning of music. they make products that almost always leaves the end user with a bitter taste in the moth(and with the empty wallet)
great and complete review like always. nice work!
he was the guitarist of fletwood mac, right?one of the architects of rumours???
For me, Trevor is a great person. but too much people waits the return of norseaudio. at this point, i think that is important this question: norseaudio in or out??? c´mon Trevor...
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