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thank you anyway
you have reason, i know that in the headphone listening is the best solution but i hate sincerely. i´m too lazy But, please, the quad version is custom made part from by whom? i know that stereo version is gold and quad is silver. i´m right or i´m ignorant???
hello dear diy´ers. i need your help. i not found in internet any shop that sell the quad alps rk-50 some time ago headamp sold this pot but now  only i found on ebay familygate that sell the stereo version. any suggestion? many thanks to all people
this is the nice part of this crazy hobby
i preferred the bowls only for the soudstage. the flat give more detail but i don´t think a warmer sound. of course, this is my experience in my house and is a subjective impression
i would not talk about warm signature because mine was simply linear and balanced
always i used my magnum with the flat and i loved but mine was the original with alluminuim chamber. i dpn´t know if a woodied magnum have a big difference
really nice. about the sound?
my old jvc was damped with blu tack but this material is heavy. my next will damped with a specific liquid product, used in a car audio. now i don´t remember the name but search in this same thread whit application of damping material is not necessary a new wodden cup. but if yuo´re intrested in a new cup: recently he built wodden cups for the dx-10000
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