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i know that he also sell separately if you want i have a mail
you saw my link? this amplifier have good tubes and the owner is a headphone maniac with a lot of stuff´s(and friend of rudistor)
I sell this amplifier in mint conditions with the box and accessories payment with iban or paypal. shipping with quick europe with insurance. i´m opened for an offer many thanks
the low gain is good for the hd-800. but remember: is just my opinion, probably with another source sound better
in my opinon Hd-800 with the MK VI is a bad marriage regardless the tubes. i like this combo only with acoustic jazz
you have reason and i was really curious about this tubes. but when you told me relatively this bendix i sold my little-dot. but i have a friend with several otl amps and bendix tubes
i don´t my ss amplifier is the best in the world!!!!
i prefer 6AS7 but the difference with 6080 is not big in the preamplifier section i liked the tungsol nos 6SU7GT
you have a gain selector in the amplifier. try
my only experience(and for the moment the last) with stax was a combo SR009-SRM007tII for now i save my money
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