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i tried some dynamics headphones and i think that 8X(16X balanced) is a little high, for this reason i will change to 5X Of course.i just wrote my experience. is a shame the situation with the HE-6 because is annoying to have two amplifiers
i think that the experience of some head-fier´s with class a speaker amps is very important. when i tried the he-6 with my beta-22(gain 16X in balanced mode) the combo was very poor without dynamics and low frequencies but with exemplar mid and high frequencies. now i bought another he-6 for a good oprice and my beta will have a 10X gain. for this reason, i don´t expect anything good. one solution could be a 22X gain but thus increases the noise. from my experience with...
i agree. i´m changing the gain of my balanced beta from 8X(this gain is too much for most of the dynamic headphones) to 5X and i´m trying the alps rk-50 and khozmo attenuator after the dact.for the he-6 or k-1000 the 8X is the minimum IMHO.
Good guy
thank you. i´m waiting for this. no, i really hope for this
please, you can do a little comparison between the HP-2i and Magnum V4? i ask because i had "only" the HP-2 to compare with the magnum V4
i think only disassembling and reassembling the wire
i know that we are the same version but with different code for different regions
ok. thank you justin. now i bought a pot from justin. end of the thread
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