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you´re always kind
for now only two short words. the best headphone(among those tested and had)!!! i tried the he-500 with my beta and with hifiman balanced cable. honestly i can´t believe. the he-6 is superior but very hard to drive and the difference with the little sister is not huge. considering the sale price, the end of the games. of course, is just my impression but we don´t always to spend a fortune to listen good music. now i´m really torn between the he-6 and...
Ok but full of art and beautiful girls!
iknow but i opened the amplifier and seems to me different compared to the pictures of motorized rk27
you´re right about the alps. but in the MKVI is the RK27? i ask because the RK27 is blue and the pot in the MKVI is black
i had the 4 channel dact in my beta and i opened my little-dot.i´ve serious doubts. p.s.: happy 1000 head´fier to me
i like this suggestion
there is space for the 4 channel version?
in this case i keep the money of the trip because i live in europe
well...good news and welcome to MKVI tubes seriously:when i bought the tubes, was complicated to found a good pairing for 4 tubes
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