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yes but we must not generalize. is also true that when the price goes up, not always the quality increase in the same way
probably the third after the apex pinnacle and rudistor rp-2000
good question
i listened the 009 and i have no doubt that is fantastic(but not in the price o f course).some head-fiers have only the 009, others like peter a great hedphone like 009 and fantastic dynamic headphones. for this my doubt. @ macedonianhero: i have only one wife too
Sorry but in this discussion i don´t understand one thing. if the stax sr-009 is the best headphone ever, more refined, more detailed, more all..., the end game headphone, etc. etc. etc. what is the need to have other headphones?
what is the problem? you use a credit card and you don´t think more( for a month)
90% understood thank you
sorry for this question but i´m a authentic ignorant in electronic. a superior voltage gain introduces a greater noise?
i´curious too but sincerely too much money for this headphone
in the last picture the amp is paired with this expensive headphone. a combo around 11000-12000 dollars
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